Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Our weekend started with some pizza and Netflix as soon as work was over on Friday. Later that night I decided to get majority of the cleaning knocked out so I could focus on prepping the food and rooms for everyone to stay in once they got to our house.

Saturday I was awake by 5:30 because I was so excited for everyone to get there. I finished the last little bit of cleaning and then started on getting out sheets, blanket and pillows for everyone. Matthew pumped up the air mattresses and I put the other beds together, and made sure the guest bathroom was stocked and ready for our guests. I made these breakfast muffins and this bread for our breakfast on Sunday morning. 
This was my first time making bread, and I don't know why but I was so nervous it wasn't going to turn out well. Since there was only a piece or two left I'll take it that everyone liked it and approved!
I knew we needed something quick and easy before since we would be headed out the door to church, and those were perfect for a quick breakfast! While those were baking I put this Caprese pasta salad 
together and prepped our burger toppings. Matthew ran to our local butcher shop and got meat for the hamburgers, and hot dogs. Can I just say how nice is it to have a good butcher shop about 5 minutes away from where you live? Hello, fresh meat!

My sister came over for a little bit to bring us this adorable basket! She and my mom put together a "sunshine basket" for us since we had a rough week a little bit ago. Isn't it just too cute?! Everything from house products to some yellow golf balls for Matthew. Also, you can't really see them but the two small bowls by the loofah are SO cute. I should have made a separate picture of them. They are the perfect size and shade of yellow for summer coming up! I used them Saturday at dinner to serve lemons in for water.

Everyone got there Saturday afternoon and we all sat around talking and the boys played frisbee out back. I asked Rachel to make her delicious strawberry pies for us since the last time I tried to make it was such a huge fail. Matthew started the grill up and got started on the burgers and hot dogs and I got everything else ready to eat. I didn't get a picture of our dinner but just know there was a ton of food! With Rachel's pies and Sarah's cookies we were all stuffed. After dinner we got our jackets and headed to the game.

The weather was very chilly, like I was afraid of, but we bundled up and survived. ;) I think at one point it was around 45 degrees at the game...brrr!

After the game was over we came back to the house and played some games and then called it a night! Rachel and Trisha took our guest room that has our old bed in it and all the guys got blow up mattresses. We had blow up mattresses in our other guest bedroom, dining room, and study. I should have taken a picture to look back on in the future when we have furniture in there lol.

We decided to go to late service at church on Sunday since there were so many of us that needed to get ready that morning. Here is our breakfast spread on Sunday morning, I did remember to take a picture of that!

Matthew and I haven't been to late service since we first got married so it was really weird going to church later than normal lol but it was good to see that group of people again.

After church was over we went to lunch at one of Matthew's favorite places...Wasabi. They have lunch prices on the weekends too, thank goodness! I made a panorama picture and they were moving so that's why a couple of them look a little funny lol. Matthew's arm is looking extra funny ;)

After lunch everyone headed home, and Matthew and I took a nap! We had such a good time with everyone and can't wait to have everyone over again!! I am already planning out our next weekend together. :)


  1. What a fun weekend with friends!! Hosting can be so fun, I need to do that more :)

  2. Your blueberry bread looks delicious!! The sunshine basket is adorable - so sweet of your mom and sister to make that for you :) What a fun weekend with all your friends!! Y'all are the best hosts and I bet y'all had a great time together :)

  3. I've been gifted a bag of sunshine before, and its the BEST! I love fun gifts like that, especially when its to cheer you up! :) That bread looks tasty!!

  4. What a fun weekend with all your friends! :) Kayla^ got me a gift of sunshine once and it was SO fun and cute- such a good idea! :) I'm going to save that bread recie, yum!

  5. That blueberry bread looks heavenly!!!! Looks like an awesome weekend :)

    Edye //

  6. Looks like a fun weekend!


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