Tuesday, April 26, 2016


As soon as I hit 'publish' last Friday on my post telling about what we had planned for the weekend I got a text from my mom letting me know that they took my nanny to the ER because she was really sick. Funny how when we try to plan everything out, things come up and all your plans change. That's just how life goes sometimes, but the good news is that nanny is doing much better and should be going home this morning!! 

As soon as we got off on Friday we headed to the hospital that my nanny was at to check on her. She was in a lot of pain and pretty loopy from a small procedure they had just finished up. She was in critical care so visiting hours were almost over after we got there. We went with my dad and sisters to get dinner, my mom stayed there with her. Samantha and Macy (my two youngest sisters) were full or energy and excited to tell us all about their week at school lol. Matthew and I were all ears!

Saturday morning my dad had to work and my mom went to the hospital as soon as visiting hours started so Matthew and I decided to take Sam and Macy out for some fun, since they were too young to visit our nanny in critical care. My other sister, Mady, was hanging out with her friends all day. We surprised them and took them to Go USA fun park. We played a round of mini golf, did the batting cages and played a game inside.
The weather was perfect, and we soaked up as much time outside as we could! 
 After Go USA we had lunch at the girls favorite place, CiCi's Pizza...Matthew and I haven't been to a Cici's in almost a year. After lunch we headed to the hospital for a bit so we could check in on nanny and drop the girls off with my dad, since he was off by then. Nanny was doing a little bit better by Saturday afternoon, but not where they wanted her to be.

We had plans to go to a get together at one of our friend's house from church that afternoon, but with everything going on we decided to cancel our plans. We ended up eating a quick dinner and running a few small errands before calling it a night. Sunday was family day at church and we really enjoyed it! We had regular service, class, and then a catered lunch and a 1:00 pm service. We had time after lunch to run home and change, and I was able to get some cleaning and laundry done before the 1:00 service started. We LOVE living so close to church!! There were A LOT of activities planned for the afternoon that we got to choose from. We chose 'Open mic night' at a members farm and it was a lot of fun. The weather was great, we had good food, and enjoyed listening to everyone perform.

This is the view from this families front yard....absolutely beautiful!!!

Also, while we were home I got to see my dad's peonies blooming. These are my favorite and he always saves me some each year!


  1. Hope your nanny is doing better and that she will fully recover quickly! Glad you were still able to get some fun things in this weekend. :)

  2. Oh gosh!! So glad to hear your nanny is alright - I will keep her in my prayers. Y'all have had a rough time lately with those things! That was so sweet of y'all to take your sisters out on Saturday - it looked like a lot of fun (I totally had that UT t-shirt when I was a kid lol!)

  3. other than your plans being cancelled, it seems like you had a great weekend! I'm so sorry your nanny is sick and had to be in the hospital, but I'm glad shes doing better! Its so scary when things like that happen! Have a great week!

  4. Its crazy how life can work - we plan, plan, plan! But sometimes things just don't happen the way we think! I'm so thankful your nanny is okay!!! Keeping her in my prayers!! :) mini golf is my fav!!! SO fun!


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