Friday, April 22, 2016


I mentioned on Tuesday that Matthew had his follow up appointment with the outpatient neurologist this past Saturday, and that he advised that some of the test readings were bad. So we had to have another one scheduled. I'll spare you the long and frustrating details, but long story short, we have and appointment scheduled for next week to have another Transcranial Doppler ultrasound done, and it's going to be in Chattanooga at Erlanger. The reason we have to travel to Chattanooga to have this ultrasound done is because they have to do a bubble study with it. There is only one place here in Nashville that does the ultrasound with the bubble study and unfortunately they don't fall under our insurance. Lucky for us though, Matthew's older brother lives in Chattanooga so we are going to stay with him! We are more than ready to have this ultrasound and test done so we can, hopefully, know what's going on! Please continue to pray!!

I tried a new recipe this past week, baked chicken parmesan, and we both really liked it! It made the best lunches this week too! I'll share the recipe next week.

The Predators have been slowly but surly breaking our hearts....last night they lost 4-1. I couldn't even stay awake for the whole game. but Matthew turned it off early since they were playing so poorly. I am following them on Snap Chat though and their snaps make me want to be downtown before the game so bad! So much excitement and fun activities going on.

I mentioned the other day about World Market's pineapple selection...well I looked on their website the other day and it was all on sale!!!!! Plus I found a 15% off coupon code!!!! Y'all I just could not pass up on the cuteness. I will be happily picking them up this weekend!

If this isn't just the cutest salt & pepper shaker than I don't know what is. They just scream summer time to me.
These adorable hand towels were sold out online, so I am crossing my fingers I can find them in store. 

Back in August I posted about a couple that we have many mutual friends with, and asked for prayers for them. Well he is home but they still have a long, long road to recovery. His wife, Hayley, has started a blog. She has only posted twice but each post has had me tears after a few sentences in. Here is her blog: Hayley Waldron and here is her first post: Life As We Knew It  and her second post: "I'm here. I'm awake." Her first post she is explaining everything that has happened and where they are now, but her second post literally stopped me in my tracks. They thought her husband, Harrison, was in a "comatose, vegetative and minimally conscious states", but he told them he remembered a conversation he heard THE DAY AFTER HIS ATV ACCIDENT. Everyone was praying for him to "wake up" but he was awake the whole time. She writes all about it in her second post and it absolutely broke my heart and filled me with so much joy, all at the same time. We have been praying without ceasing for this couple, their family and the doctors since back in August, and will continue to do so. After reading her last post I can't help but think, what a mighty God we serve!

This weekend we have a lot going on! We are hanging out with our families and I am hoping my dad and I can make a stop by one of our favorite nurseries, Martins, and see what all they have. Growing up, my dad would always go to Martin's to get new flowers for the upcoming spring/summer and I always LOVED going with him. So I am hoping we get a chance to stop in this weekend! Saturday night we are having a cookout at one of our friend's house from church, and Sunday is family day at our church. There are a ton of activities to do after services, and I think most of our class is going to a member's farm for a cookout and an open mic night! 


  1. Praying that you all receive answers and guidance with these new tests for Matthew! We absolutely serve a mighty God! I'm headed over to read about your sweet friends!

  2. Is that the Skinnytaste baked parm? If so, I've made it so many times because it is so good! Praying for Matthew and your friends!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Good luck going to Chattanooga! I hope the testing goes well and y'all get some good results! Glad you ended up finding the kitchen towels! Hope y'all had a great weekend!!


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