Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I really enjoy writing out my monthly goals each month and I love checking them off even more! I think I did pretty decent on my March goals. I accomplished a good bit and what I didn't get to I'm hoping to work on this month.

Here are my March goals:

1. Celebrate Matthew's birthday!!!! I think we can check this one off! We ended the week celebrating his birthday and on into the weekend. It was a great time with friends and family, and I just loved celebrating him! I posted all about his birthday celebrations here.

2. Get outside more. I'm going to mark this one off, too! We have gone on a few walks and have had some patio dinners. I foresee many patio dinners this summer :)

3. Do a deep spring cleaning. I really wanted to designate a whole day to deep cleaning and purging, but our schedules just didn't allow that in March, but I did deep clean and purge in spurts. March is smack dab in the middle of Matthew's busy season and with him working almost every Saturday morning that has given me plenty of time to get some deep cleaning in. It's crazy how much I enjoy a quiet Saturday morning getting to clean our house lol. 

4. Keep on meal planning & share how I do it. Yesss. I had been putting this off for too long, but I finally shared it and you can read all about that here!

6. Finish our coffee bar. Didn't even think about our coffee bar...oops!

7. Drink more water. A big fat YES on this one! I am so proud of not only myself, but my husband on this one too!!!!! I have replaced that can of coke at dinner for water each night and so has he. We both drink anywhere from 6-8 cups of water a day, and to be honest, that's probably a conservative number. This might be normal or average for others but for us this is new :)

8. Create a cleaning schedule, and stick to it! I created a cleaning schedule and I have been sticking to it pretty well! It has helped a lot and so far I am loving it. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing it soon.

1.) Work on my office.
One of our empty guest bedrooms is going to serve as my office. Our plans are to have a twin bed or day bed in there so we can still have an extra place for people to sleep if needed, but my desk and craft/calligraphy supplies will also be housed in there as well. I am go excited to decorate and organize that room! Right now it is holding the rest of our unpacked boxes, it's not that many, but it's definitely not organized like I want it to be. I have repinned a ton of ideas on Pinterest over the years and you can see all my ideas below.
Follow Shelby 's board GIRL CAVE on Pinterest.        

2.) Host our group of friends from Cookeville for the weekend.
That is THIS weekend and I am just so excited I can't stand it. If everyone is able to come we should have 7 friends coming and staying with us!! It will definitely be a full house, but we are thrilled!

3.) Yard Sale prep.
Our neighbor told us about the neighborhood yard sale that our neighborhood hosts every year and we are pumped to go through our stuff and sell anything we don't use or need anymore! I am also anxious to walk around and check out the yard sale myself! ;)

4.) Become more active.
We found a crazy good deal on Fitbits a little bit ago, and decided to finally join the Fitbit club, so I am hoping that will motivate us to become more active. Now that it's actually starting to warm up I'm hoping to get in a routine of walking and maybe we can find some tennis courts near our house to play on. Matthew loves tennis and played all through high school, I on the other hand am awful, so I think it would be fun to at least try to play together. If anything get some tennis lessons in from Matthew lol.

5.) Find healthier meals to incorporate into our meal roundup. 
Hoping grilling season will help out with this! Since we are trying to cut out as much sodium as possible we have been using Mrs. Dash's seasonings and I checked out their website the other day and they have a ton of recipes on there! I'm excited to comb through them and pick out a few good ones for us to try. I really want to clean up our diet. I came across this picture on Pinterest and I love it.
On their website they explain it even more. I love it!

6.) Keep my nails manicured.
This should have been a goal for 2016, but I didn't think about it when I was making those out. In an effort to keep from annoying my husband to no end I am trying very hard to break my habit of picking at my nails. Matthew hates the sound of me picking at my nails, and I hate the way they look. So I have been keeping them painted and that has really helped! For the most part I stopped picking at them back in February, and I have been taking care of them. It takes a little bit and I can't really do anything after I paint them until they are completely dry and that aggravates me, but I'm working on it! Now that it's spring I've been breaking out my spring nail polish and it makes me so excited for warmer weather! 


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your office!! It's going to look adorable! I just found out that our neighborhood is having a yard sale next weekend and I can't wait to walk around a little. Have so much fun hosting your friends this weekend!

  2. Great job on the water drinking! Once you're in the habit it makes it so easy to do and you'll miss it if you DONT drink it :) Thanks for the heads up on Mrs Dash recipes too- we use a lot of their seasonings but have never thought to check them out for meal ideas!

  3. I wish I could have a yard sale!! Maybe I'll bribe my Aunt with a big house and busy street with a new coffee bar so she'll have one for me!! hehe =P How exciting to work on a home office!! =) I will so check out your Pinterest boards!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  4. Ooooh I need to borrow the goal of keeping my nails manicured! I was a horrible nail biting until I ws about 12 and then just recently started biting my nails again. And it's gross and I know it's gross and I hate it, but I can't stooooop!! I know you understand what that's like with the picking ;)

  5. EEK! Now we can be fitbit buddies! Caleb and I absolutely are more active now because I'm more aware of what my steps are, etc.! I seriously love it!

    Ahh I only wish we had patio furniture :) we finally have a small patio at this town home, but Caleb isn't a big fan of eating outside! We'll see what I can talk him into! Good luck on all your goals this month girl!

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