Tuesday, March 1, 2016


February went by so quickly, even with the extra day, but I'm not complaining! Get me to warmer weather months!!!! You can see my February goals here.

March is always exciting month, warmer weather (usually), spring activities, aaaand it's Matthew's birthday month!!!!! I love birthdays and I love celebrating my man!

1. Unpack ALL boxes at our house. We didn't get every box unpacked but they are in designated areas, and most importantly, they are out of sight! We did get a lot unpacked though!

2. Organize everything. The kitchen and our bedroom is organized, so I'll take it!

3. Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. YESSS! I feel like this is one we really did well on. Of course, there were a couple of nights where we ditched the meal plan for pizza or switched meals around because of something that came up.

4. Date Night. We got two date nights in on this past month- woo hoo!

5. Read one book. Negative. Didn't even touch any of my books.

6. Celebrate Valentine's Day. We had the best Valentine's Day weekend together. A delicious dinner date on Friday night and breakfast in bed on Sunday morning. Such a sweet weekend!

7. Decide on a house project with Matthew. We've been doing little things here and there, and over time, it's starting to come together! A big project we decided on- new appliances! We found a ridiculously good deal and just couldn't pass it up. The dishwasher and microwave delivered this past Saturday and the oven and refrigerator will deliver this Saturday!

1. Celebrate Matthew's birthday!!!! 
I've been searching for ideas for the past week and even bought a small gift for him last night. I have an idea on what I'm going to get him, and I'm so excited!

2. Get outside more.
Now that the weather is warming up some (fingers crossed it stays warm) I want to spend as much time outside as possible. I hate being cooped up during the winter months. Our neighborhood has sidewalks which is perfect for walking and maybe even some bike rides. This past weekend it was almost 70 and I think everyone in our neighborhood was out walking/jogging/bike riding. So fun!! I'm hoping with the time fixing to change we'll be able to get outside after dinner for a few walks during the week, too!

3. Do a deep spring cleaning.
We cleaned our house from top to bottom the day after we got the keys last month, but I need to do another one! This time I want to clean our windows, I think that's the reason I want to do another deep clean lol. When we first cleaned it was just too cold to clean them but now that it's warming up I need to clean them ASAP.

4. Keep on meal planning & share how I do it.
I have just recently gotten to the point where I enjoy meal planning. It used to be a chore I didn't care for, mostly because it wasn't an organized process. I would just get to the store and try to search meals on my phone and then forget certain ingredients and try to make do with what I did have at home. Big mistake! I actually enjoy meal planning now and I have noticed that it takes a lot of stress off while I'm in the kitchen.

6. Finish our coffee bar.
I found the cutest creamer and sugar set at Home Goods this past weekend. Now I just need a few more things and our coffee bar will be complete!

7. Drink more water. 
I feel like if I drink anymore water than I will float away, but I've gotten in a nasty habit of having a can of coke with my dinner each night. So I want to replace that coke with another glass of water. I also feel like I could drink even more water during the day at work.

8. Create a cleaning schedule, and stick to it!
Since we've been in the house I've had a tentative cleaning schedule, but I want to make one that works for us. It's all about routine for me.


  1. March sounds like a fun month, especially with Matthew's birthday!! That is so exciting you got new appliances - they're the best!!

  2. New appliances are seriously SO exciting haha! We got ours in December and I am still giddy over them :) I'm going to try to tackle one "big" spring cleaning project a week for the next couple of months. If I try to do it all at once I don't think it'll ever get done haha!

  3. Love all of these goals! Hope you all are able to get out and enjoy the pretty spring weather in your new neighborhood. Yay for new appliances! We are meal planning & spring cleaning now too and it makes life so nice!

  4. I want to see pictures of your coffee bar when you finish it!

  5. Spring is the best time for a good deep clean. I love having all the windows open and getting lots of fresh air to whisk out the stale air.


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