Thursday, March 10, 2016


One night back in November we made a stop by Kroger close to our apartment to pick up some medicine and we saw this bright light in the corner of the parking lot. So naturally we drove over to it lol. And that's when our lives were forever changed, just kidding, but seriously. We saw a sign that said ClickList. Mathew googled it and we found out that it's an online method of grocery shopping, and you can just pull up and they will bring the groceries out to your car. See what I mean about life changing?!

So for our next grocery trip we decided to try it, and we loved it. You just pull up and call over the speaker phone to let them know you are there and they bring your groceries out to you. Although they encourage you to stay in your car and no tipping I usually get out and help load the groceries. I don't tip because I know most grocery stores don't allow it and I don't want to get anyone in trouble. I know some people view this as "lazy" and "ridiculous" believe me, I have heard different negative views on this, but we view it as time efficient and a great way to stay on budget! Once we moved we found out the Walmart in our new town offered it to! So we have been using Walmart since we moved. We loved Kroger but since Walmart is closer we use Walmart now. The only negative side to using Kroger is that after your 3rd pickup there is a fee of $4.95 (I believe), but even that didn't stop me from using this service. Walmart's grocery pickup doesn't have a fee, but a minimum of $30 and we easily hit $30 every grocery trip.

Like I explained the other day, I meal plan a week ahead for the following Monday-Sunday. I usually start on Thursday and then confirm my groceries by Friday afternoon/night for a Sunday pickup. Our grocery store is close to our church and home, so as soon as church is over we head to Walmart and pickup our groceries and then drop them off at home before we head to lunch. That way when we are finished with lunch we have the whole afternoon until church that night to do whatever we want to. We love our routine we have going on Sundays. If I need to meal prep for the week I'll do that we get home for lunch. So "grocery shopping" and meal prep now takes about an hour where as it used to take 2+ hours. 

One thing I love about being able to order groceries online is that I can go to Walmart's website any time of the week and add an item to my grocery cart and then close out of the website and when I go back it will still be there. So when I think of something I just hop (I bookmarked the page) on their website and add it to my cart and go about my day. No more 5+ sticky notes in my planner of something I need to remember to pick up or add to my list and for the most part, no more forgetting something.

I'm going to show you how I order groceries through Walmart because this is where we get our groceries now, but it's pretty much the same for Kroger.  I love that they keep track of previous items I have purchased in case I need to restock.

I just click "Add to cart" on the item and the adjust the quantity if needed.

Once I have everything in my cart that I need I check over my grocery list that I made and I also check each item in my cart and make sure I have the right quantity and the right portion. One time I accidentally bought a 24 pack of sting cheeses when I only needed a small amount lol. Oh well, I found use for them and we like string cheese so they didn't go to waste!

 I mentioned earlier that ordering groceries online is a great way to stay on see the amount each item costs and can watch your total change with each item you choose.

Next I reserve my pickup time.

They offer 2 hour slots, which I love! So I just book my time slot and then review my order!

You then get to review your order and make sure you have everything you want in there. You also have the option to choose if you want a substitution for an item if they are sold out, and they always give you the cheapest substitution option. So this last order I ordered Lipton's tea and the one that I ordered was out so they gave me the family size instead of the regular. For us that wasn't a problem. I usually take off the substitution options for any meat that I order and a few other things. If they do substitute something they mark it on the receipt, on the bag and they tell you. Which I love so I don't get home and think I have one thing but then open the bag and realize it's another.

They also mark any bags that have bread in it so it doesn't get smashed, and they give me the eggs last so that I can put them in the front seat.

One thing I just found last month, is that there is usually a $10 off coupon code per month for ordering groceries online through Walmart. Why YES, I would love to save $10 on groceries!

They also have a referral program to get $10 off when you refer a friend.

As much as this seems like a sponsored post, I promise it's not, but feel free to contact Walmart on my behalf and show them this post so I can get another $10 off coupon code ;) 

Also, don't think I never step foot in the grocery store anymore since I order my groceries online. There are plenty of times where I forget something or something comes up and I'll stop at the store on the way home from work. It's just not as often now as it used to be. Check the stores in your town to see if they offer this service, I promise you won't regret it! I have also heard of Publix delivering groceries in some area, but I don't think our Publix does that yet lol.


  1. This is amazing! I can't understand why anyone would have a negative opinion because you are saving yourself time. Even with the small fee Kroger was charging, you guys probably still saved money because you don't end up making any impulse purchases. Unfortunately, we live in a really high end area because of my husband's school. We are probably the poorest people here. Ha! The grocery stores do this if you want to pay $20-$50 fee each time. Our nearest Walmart is over an hour away (there aren't low income stores here, only high end) but I will definitely be bookmarking this for later. Great share

  2. This is a great idea! I don't think it's negative at all. I used to have to grocery shop at my old job (it was a group home) and it would take HOURS. Drive to the store (we were in the middle of nowhere) shop, load the car, carry it in, unpack, sort everything. It was an all-day affair. I wish this was an option! It also helps avoid impulse buys since you're not wandering the aisles. And now you have more time to spend with your husband and new house; sounds perfect to me!

  3. How have I never heard of this? This sounds absolutely incredible!! Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite task, so I I am definitely going to try online shopping this week! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I've been curious about doing online shopping but haven't actually tried it. Can you use coupons?

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