Thursday, March 24, 2016


Back in 2009 when we all turned 16 my best friend's parents took us all to the beach for our birthday that summer. We left bright and early and spent a wonderful week in Panama City, Florida.
 Also, didn't even realize it but, we left for our Florida trip 7 years before our wedding to the exact date!! lol. Little did we know exactly 7 years later we would be standing beside each other on my wedding day!! SO crazy!

It truly was one of the best weeks we've ever spent together and we have been trying to plan a girls trip like it every since! We didn't get a senior trip together, over the summers we have all had odds and end jobs that didn't really allow a lot of time off, and last summer was just crazy busy since two of us were planning a wedding. So now that we all have big girl jobs and have some PTO built up we are going on a girls trip!! We are SO excited and so thankful our husbands/boyfriends encouraged us to go. I honestly felt guilty about going at first, but Matthew talked me into going. I know that we aren't getting any younger and soon there will be babies in the picture (definitely not for us anytime soon lol) so this summer seemed like the best time to take our girls trip! 

My sister and her best friend are going as well, so in a few months the five of us will be heading  to HILTON HEAD, SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!!! 

None of us have been there before so we are all equally thrilled and counting down the days! We'll leave on a Thursday morning and come back the following Monday. My sister is about 4 years younger than I am, but she without a doubt one of my very best friends. When your two best friends are around practically your whole life they become just as close to your family as they are to you, so they are all really close with my sister as well. In fact my sister works with one of my best friends. I am SO lucky to have such a close relationship with my sisters and that they are close with my best friends!
We booked a cute little place right on the beach and got a really good price for it, and it also helps that there are FIVE of us going so that cuts the cost down a good chunk! We've all been doing a little bit of research on our own, but once it gets closer to our trip we'll plan all the small details out. My sister has already made us a playlist to listen to on Spotify lol and I love it! 

The four of us + my sister's best friend are so ready to be here...

I know many of you have been to Hilton Head before, and I love reading your posts about your time there. I really enjoyed reading Erin's trip to Hilton Head recently, and reading her post made me even more excited for our trip! So some of you Hilton Head regulars, I need all your recommendations and tips for vacationing in Hilton Head! Any have-to-see places or have-to-eat-at restaurants?? Send them ALLLL my way, please! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, we LOVE Hilton Head! As indicated by the fact that we spent our Honeymoon there :)

    Frosty Frog is great for drinks and DO NOT miss out on going to Harbour Town, seriously the best. We also love Salty Dog cafe, it gets packed quickly in the evenings so either go early or be prepared for a wait, but it's so worth it. Try to sit on the deck if you can!

  2. So much fun!! Y'all are going to have a blast!! We've been going there for our annual family vacation since I was a baby!! Definitely rent bikes to ride around, Harbor Town is a must, the Sea Pines beach was recently renovated and SUPER nice, South Beach isn't shabby either. There is some really good shopping at the Tanger Outets right off the island. We've done kayaking multiple times which is fun and my sister & dad have gone shark fishing a few times and enjoy that. Let me know if you have any other questions!!

  3. I can't wait to read your recap on this trip after it's over! We thought about a trip to Hilton Head this summer but decided on a cruise to the Bahamas instead. Y'all will have so much fun!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. So fun and exciting!! You are going to have a blast. My dad grew up in Panama City, FL and I always loved visiting there!


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