Monday, March 21, 2016


Friday night we decided to have a lazy night. I was going to make a quick dinner, but Matthew had a craving for pizza so we ordered a pizza instead! No cooking or cleaning up from dinner? I wasn't complaining! We watched a new movie called The Big Short. It was very interesting and really made us think. 

On Saturday Matthew had to work for a few hours that morning, so I got up soon after he left and cleaned the house. After being gone all last weekend and knowing the next few weekends we have a lot going on I decided to do some deep cleaning. I probably spent a little over 2 hours cleaning, working on laundry, and unpacking boxes. We have had some boxes in our bedroom that needed to be unpacked, but we just kept putting it off. It feels SO good having a clutter free room! We have a few ideas on how we want to decorate our bedroom, but we are taking our time! We did buy some curtains for our bedroom and for our living room this weekend though. Kirkland's was having a great sale and I had a gift card there so we took advantage of the sale and purchased them. We picked them out a couple of months ago but finally decided to get them. Also, Kirkland's lets you double coupons!! LOVE that! Here they are...

Saturday afternoon my family came over to take us out to eat for Matthew's birthday, and to bring us my old patio set. I had a patio set at my apartment in Cookeville but we didn't have room for it once we got married so my parents kept it at their house. When I gave it to them I told them we wouldn't need it anymore and that they could have it, not expecting to need outdoor furniture so soon lol. Thankfully they didn't really use it but kept it in good condition and were happy to give it back! Now we can have patio dinners once it finally warms up! We are so excited!
This picture was after dinner. My parents and Mady were in their car. You can tell by the look on Mathew's face how excited he was to be in a car full of girls lol.

Macy snapped this picture of us while I was touching up my makeup before dinner. She loves watching me do my makeup and always ask if she can have some "blush and mascara" lol I usually dab a little bit of blush on her cheeks to appease her makeup "needs" ;)

Our new neighbors have a daughter that's my sisters age so since my sisters were in town we invited her over and they decorated Easter cookies and played. They are all into gymnastics and dance so they have something in common and had a blast together. Her dad came over and chatted with us as well. They have lived in the neighborhood for over 10 years so he gives us all the history and exciting events that happen in our area. He told us about the neighborhood's spring yard sale. He said it's massive and they always have a good turn out. We are already looking forward to this!!

Sunday consisted of church, picking up groceries, homemade chicken noodle soup, not one, but 2 naps by the fire (we didn't have the heat on because it's going to warm back up this week, so it got pretty chilly yesterday), laundry, shopping for curtains, church, and blue coast for dinner!

I made Kelsey's chicken noodle soup and it was the perfect meal for a chilly 1st day of spring!

We have been on a Blue Coast kick here lately, we've gone there after church on Sunday nights the past few weeks. I've been getting so many punches on my punch card ;) 

I am hoping this coming weekend is warmer than this past weekend, my Easter dress is sleeveless and I don't want to have to wear leggings with it lol. Happy Monday, friends! :) 


  1. Love those curtains! & yes to warmer weather!! Have a great week, friend!

  2. Aw this is so sweet! I love that you share your blush with her ;) hehe! Okay Caleb and I were SO excited to see that movie and when we finally did I honestly left a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was interesting, like you said, but not exactly what I thought it was going to be, lol!

  3. Love those curtains! How awesome you can use double coupons there!

  4. We watched that this weekend, too! It was super interesting!

  5. OMG I loved the Big Short!!! It was fascinating!! My parents were moving right in the middle of all of this so it was so neat watching this movie! So much fun you were able to have a lot of family time and that was so sweet of you to invite your neighbors over to make cookies with your sister :) Your spring yard sale sounds fun!!

  6. Your curtains are beautiful! Love the pattern you picked. I have been craving some patio dinners with the weather warming up. That will be great this summer for y'all!

  7. What a fun weekend full of family time! Love the curtains! So glad you made the soup & liked it :)

  8. I think it's great you guys are pacing yourself with decorating. Can't wait to see the finished product


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