Thursday, March 17, 2016


It's fun to look back on what we were doing this time last year. I was knee deep in wedding planning and Matthew was starting to get in his groove at work. He had started back in January so he spent a good part of "busy season" learning and growing at his firm. I was coming home every weekend from Cookeville to wedding plan, see him, and my family. I think I spent almost every weekend last spring (and summer before the wedding) wedding planning/crafting. It was an exciting time and I am so thankful I was able to experience the rush and excitement that wedding planning brings, but my goodness, I am thankful it is over! And I mean that in the most positive way possible. I don't know how some of you ladies handle being engaged a year or longer. It was fun, but being married is 1000 times better.

It's crazy looking back at last year, planning for our wedding and lives to start together, and looking at where we are now, newlyweds and just purchased our first home together. I get so excited thinking about what, Lord Willing, all will be going on next year at this time.

Spring is one of my FAVORITE times of the year. Partly because everything is warming up and looking alive again and partly because spring time is when Matthew and I started talking and hanging out. It all started at his birthday in March of 2010 and we've been together every since. I love seeing posts on Timehop of my statuses or pictures I posted on Facebook (Instagram wasn't around back then!) From March of 2010 to May when we "officially" started dating all the love song lyrics were directed towards my sweet man. Cheesy as it was, that was "the thing" to do. ;) I get so tickled because 2010 me had no idea the guy I was crushing on and posting cheesy Facebook statuses about would my HUSBAND by 2015. God has just proven to me, over and over, that everything that happens in our lives is apart of His plan. Things might not happen exactly when we want it or how we want it to, but whatever does happen has been and is apart of His plan all along. Whenever I think of all this one of my favorite verses comes to mind.

I may or may not have gotten really emotional the other night driving through our neighborhood to our house. I still can't believe this is real life- we're married and we own our very first home together! The Lord has been SO good to us and we are so thankful. I hope and pray we always have this mindset. 7+ months of marriage has been so sweet, and my husband is the sweetest. I love being your wife, Matthew!


  1. Marriage is overwhelmingly great, isn't it?! This post was so sweet and hear felt- I just loved it!

  2. Such a sweet post!! :) I love looking back and thinking about how much changes in a year too. Even during the hard times and rough years, there is so much goodness in our marriages and lives that God is blessing us with!!

  3. So sweet!!! Sometimes it's crazy when you stop and think about all God has blessed you with - it can get very emotional! lol

  4. You are so right! Wedding planning was fun but marriage is so much better!

  5. So sweet! Spring will always hold a special place in y'all's relationship!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. Love reading your marriage diaries posts! They are so sweet! Doesn't being married feel like something you've been doing for years, yet also feels like it was just yesterday that you two met? I love that you take time to notice and celebrate the small details in your relationship, like Spring holding a special memory. :)

  7. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it! It goes by so much faster than you think it will.


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