Thursday, February 11, 2016


Six months (+23 days...ooops!) has passed since I woke up beside my three best friends and danced around as we got ready to head to the church so I could marry my dream guy. Six whole months has passed since I nervously walked through the double doors and down the aisle to my groom. Six months have passed since I entered into a covenant relationship with the man I'm blessed to call "husband". I had no idea what all was in store for our first six months of marriage, but I am so thankful for every single moment that The Lord used to teach  and grow us. I have been continually blown away by how God has molded Matthew into the most precious husband for me. Six months ago we started this journey called marriage and my cup overflows daily. What a blessing the Lord poured out. He is good, so so good. No matter what, He is continually good. Nothing can or ever will change that. And what a joy it is to know that!

I've always heard the saying, "marry your best friend" and each day I am seeing just how true that statement is. Marriage is the biggest blessing and greatest gift, I've ever know so far and I could not imagine not marrying someone who wasn't my best friend. Matthew and I tell each other everything and we do a lot of things together once we are off of work. From just watching TV together to running errands and just the day-to-day activities. Since the last time I wrote one of these, we bought our house and moved in. We still can't believe that we own a house and are old enough to have a mortgage, but here we are, and we are overwhelmed with so much thankfulness. Each step of life is exciting and I could not imagine doing any of it without my very best friend. 

Life lately is most days we just look at each other and can't help but laugh, saying "you're my WIFE!" and "you're my HUSBAND!" because real life still doesn't feel like real life. Each day is filled with so much goodness because this one is by my side. 


  1. So sweet!! Can't believe it's only been 6 months!

  2. This is the sweetest! And when you've married your best friend, it truly just gets better and better!


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