Monday, February 8, 2016


Going through my drafts and I found this post. I had written it a couple of weeks ago but forgot about it, so here it is! Happy Monday, friends! 

Oh, apartment, how I have loved thee.

You were our first place. Our first home together.

Where I cooked for Matthew for the first time as a wife.

Where I spent my first six months of marriage learning how to be a wife.

Having people over, Friendsgiving. movie nights. game nights, birthdays, where we spent our 1st night as husband and wife.

Your cabinets housed my first pots, pans, and dishes. The nice salad spinner that I have yet to use.

 From deciding to never, ever, try cauliflower again to making the best roast I've ever had that my husband asks for all the time. 

Your bathroom was where we spent many mornings getting ready and evenings ending the day – sharing the sink, writing messages on the mirror, and taking up all of the counter space (with MY stuff). 

Your one bedroom had one window that looked out onto our deck surrounded by trees.

Your deck provided us a very small space to work on our dining room table makeover. It might have been a small area but we used every inch, and every inch was covered in saw dust.

You welcomed our first big purchase, furniture. We were SO excited on the day it delivered and watched the movers bring it in piece by piece, and box by box. 

Your laundry room housed our brand new washer and dyer that we are in love with, and also my husbands desk...yes his "office" was in the laundry room...moving on. 

It was with you that I spent my first married night alone. After six months of being married Matthew had his first overnight work trip.

Your kitchen was where I failed miserably and succeeded, and finally felt like I was getting somewhere in the kitchen. I learned to love being in the kitchen- in your kitchen.

It was with you that we both had to take care of each other in sickness for the first time. Where we fought. Where we loved. Where we cried (me because I'm a girl, Matthew because of a movie lol.) Where we promised we wouldn't drink cokes anymore and then turned around and drank one the next day. Where we had pizza delivered and Chinese takeout from right down the road. Where we binge watched Parenthood and where we would watch Fixer Upper ever Tuesday night. Where we got snowed in and watched How I Met Your Mother ALL day long. Where we celebrated Matthew officially becoming a CPA. Where we prayed together, laughed together, did laundry together, celebrated our first married Thanksgiving and Christmas together.

I'm sorry to say that with you I often had a case of the some days.

But it's funny. Now I look back on you fondly, a little sad to leave you behind. I know we will miss you, dear Apartment. You have served us well, and we are thankful for the Lord providing you just for us.

And we will never forget our very first place together,

To see all social media posts about our apartment search for the hashtag #CoatsApartment


  1. There's just something about the first place! It's so special. But being a homeowner, I'm sure is even more exciting!

  2. Visiting from the link up. This is such a sweet post. It's funny how we feel so much nostalgia for a place or time when we spend so much time in the moment thinking about the somedays! Congrats on becoming homeowners!

  3. Aw this is so sweet!! It's funny how it doesn't seem as bad once it's gone.

  4. I felt the same way leaving our first house together! We were renting it before Dane deployed and were only there for a year, but I felt so nostalgic leaving! While we lived there, though, I found every possible reason to complain about it. Ah, life is so funny sometimes!!

  5. This is so sweet!!! We spent the first 11 months of our marriage in a small apartment and it was bittersweet leaving because that's where we first began our lives together! Loved this post so much!

  6. There is always something special about your first place where you shared so many thing just the two of you. You will always cherish those memories and look back fondly on that time!

  7. We are starting to talk about moving out of our first place together (currently renting) and I am very sad about it! It will always be special.

  8. There's something truly special about your first home. It's full of great memories!


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