Friday, February 5, 2016


This.has.been.the.longest.week. or at least it has felt that way, but it's finally Friday!

I cooked our first meal in our house this week. I wanted to keep it really simple since our kitchen is still a hot mess and there are boxes everywhere! So I decided spaghetti would be simple and make for good lunches a couple of days this week.

Tuesday afternoon Matthew called me at work and asked if I wanted to go to the Pred's game that night. I told him sure and he said good because he had just gotten two tickets from work lol. We'll take free tickets anytime!! Sadly, we lost. 

I made a stop by Home Goods this week for these bad boys. Our refrigerator at our apartment was always a mess and completely unorganized. I saw these at Home Goods right after Christmas and decided to hold off until we moved so we wouldn't have to pack them ;) I love the way they look in our refrigerator and help with keeping everything organized!! The two on the outside act as drawers almost and I am loving it.

After having our couches in the middle of our living room most of the weekend we decided on a way to arrange it. I like this set up we have and I think it's going to work for our living room. It's so nice having at least half of our living room in place...the other half of the living room still has boxes waiting to be unpacked :) 

We will need a rug in our living room eventually and I've been eyeing a few similar to these

I love this design and Matthew and I both love navy and white together! I think Target has one similar to these.

We have been without internet or cable at the house all week. Comcast isn't able to come out until tomorrow morning to fix it. I never realized how much I use internet until we don't have it! I love playing music while I cook. I have a playlist on Spotify specifically for that and have really missed it this past week while I was cooking!

We got the last little bit out of our apartment last night and Matthew is turning in the keys today. I may or may not have gotten a lump in my throat last night when we left, but then we walked down the three flights of stairs and I remembered how nice it is not having three flights of stairs to take daily ;) It's still a little bittersweet as we say goodbye to our first home though. You've been good to us apartment 2413, thanks for the sweet memories!

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  1. Love that rug design!! I'm not sure what the price is at Target, but I'd check Rugs USA - they usually run amazing deals (especially with president's day coming up). We got our living room rug from there and love it. I'd love to see how you use those containers to organize things in your fridge! It's so bittersweet leaving your first apartment but onto bigger and better things!!!

  2. The living room is looking so good!!! Eeeeek, does it feel so weird and grown up to have a HOUSE?!

  3. That rug!!!! Allllll the heart eyes emojis! I'm obsessed! You're house is beginning to look (and feel, I'm sure) like HOME! Yay!! Don't you love Home Goods?! I'm obsessed. There is one like two minutes from work so it's hard not to go there every day, haha! I love me some fridge organization.

    Every time we go grocery shopping (Caleb thinks I'm crazy), I take almost everything out of the fridge and clean it, wipe it down, and reorganize ;)

  4. I love the grey walls with the blue accent rug!

  5. How on earth did you survive without internet & television! haha #firstworldproblems!
    So awesome that you were able to cook your first meal in your new house! So glad I stumbled across your blog from a link up, I'm definitely going to be following along :)

  6. Glad you all are starting to get settled in! We love Predators games :) So fun! We own that Target rug that's similar & LOVE it! I'm sure it is sad leaving your first home together but I know you all are going to make the best memories in your new home!

  7. I love that rug! I would love those in my fridge but it is shared with my roommate, maybe one day! Jess at Just Jess

  8. We bought that rug from Target when we bought our house. It was a lighter blue and not the navy. We just replaced it after Christmas. After a year and half, it had quite a bit of wear and tear showing and small stains on the white parts of the designs that we could not get out. For the price, it was great for the time we had it! Can't wait to see what all you do with your new'll be beautiful!!

  9. I just saw a rug just like that at Target!

  10. You need to check out! That's where I ordered my runner from and they always have fantastic deals! Mine looks just like it came from Pottery Barn, but only at a fraction of the price!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. Your living room looks great! I love the fridge organizing idea! Your making me want to organize mine also! Lol


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