Friday, February 26, 2016


I feel like this week flew by and I am not complaining one bit!

I ordered this rug last night for our master bath and I am SO excited for them to come in! I went to Target last night because I saw online they had two left. Well I only found one and then realized it had a stain on it. So I just went home and ordered them lol. It turned out better because I saved an extra 10% by ordering them online. I did get to feel that one in Target and it's so soft. 

-We may or may not have booked our 1 year anniversary trip recently... ;) I'll share more next week! I'm so excited!!

I had a dr. appt on Tuesday afternoon and it's pretty close to my sister and best friend's work so I stopped by and surprised them. It was fun getting to see where they work!

One of my co-workers left these on my desk yesterday since she knows they are one of my favorites. Such a sweet treat that made my Thursday!

We decided on paint colors for our house!!!! Eeeek! I'm really excited about this and I think it will look so good with all the natural light we have coming in. We wanted to go with neutral colors so we could add pops of color in with rugs/curtains, etc. Also, with using neutral colors we can change decor pieces over time and not have to worry about matching everything with the wall color. We are going with the Agreeable Gray for the walls and Pure White for the baseboards. 

 I made these pork chops last night and they turned out pretty good and were really easy to make! It was my first time making pork chops and it wasn't hard at all! Woo hoo for easy meals!
Follow me on Snapchat (shelbycoats) to see different meals that I make ;) I'll be sharing this recipe next week!

-This is our first weekend without any plans and I'm so happy I might cry. I plan on staying home and working on the house ALL day Saturday. I'm also hoping to have our windows raised a good bit this weekend because it's supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow and almost 70 on Sunday, woo hoo!


  1. Love the paint colors! They look so classy. Is that blue plate from Target?? If so, we have the same ones :) Just followed you on snap! Happy Friday!

  2. Exciting you planned your 1st anni trip! Not sure where we will go for ours yet :) Also, I make pork chops all the time: best, easiest marinade is soy sauce, a little brown sugar, minced garlic and salt & pepper. Sear on both sides for a few minutes then pop in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 min. to finish them off! So delicious. Have a great weekend :)

  3. That rug will look great in the master bath!! Can't wait to hear where y'all end up going for your anniversary trip!! Those paint colors are perfect - can't wait to see how they turn out :) Hope y'all were able to get a lot done this weekend!

  4. Ooh. Can't wait to see how the paint colors turn out!

  5. LOVE the paint colors! Also, those pork chops look GOOD. Yum!

  6. That rug is super cute!! Good find :) And hooray for booking an anniversary trip- can you believe you've been married long enough to do that already? hehe!


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