Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Our movers showed up around 9:30 Saturday morning. We had all the storage totes and small pieces of furniture (end tables and console tables) ready for them to take in the living room and all that was left was the big furniture. FIVE hours later we had all of our furniture delivered to our house and in their respective rooms. We weren't planning on it taking five hours, but there wasn't really anything we could do about it. Matthew and I both felt like it was still worth it in the end!

Matthew's dad snapped this picture of us while the movers were unloading something inside really quickly lol.

In a way to try and help things move along Matthew and I unloaded a few of the smaller things

Once some of the furniture started coming in we got really excited to see stuff in the house, finally.

At the time we were still trying to decide how we wanted to position everything so we just told them to put it down and we would decide later.

After the movers and our family was gone we decided to run to Home Depot and get a few things.
The day ended with this perfect sunset. We seriously could not get over the weather we had Saturday...all weekend actually! It was unusually warm for the end of January and felt like Spring. We were LOVING it!!

Sunday we went to church and then made another stop at Lowe's for more things!

 My family came over that afternoon and helped with some things around the house and to drop off my new car! Since I am doing an employee lease through my dad's work then they had another car ready for me since mine was wrecked. I got a new Altima!!  So far I am loving it.

About an hour after dinner I started feeling bad and about an hour later I got really sick. I can't remember the last time I threw up, but I definitely made up for it all night and into Monday morning. I didn't go to work yesterday since I was so sick so I stayed home and mostly slept all day long since I was up so much the previous night. By yesterday afternoon I was feeling much better and was able to eat spaghetti. I ate a small amount and waited to see if I was going to get sick but never did so I ate a little bit more and was fine- thank goodness!! I am guessing it was food poisoning from dinner, we had Arby's. So it looks like we won't be going to Arby's anytime soon lol.

We still have a lot of unpacking to do, but we're just taking it one day at a time! We have to turn out apartment keys in this Friday, and thankfully we only have a few small things left over there that we'll get this week. I'm going to be completely honest and say that it felt like we were staying the night in someone else's house on our first night at the house lol. And the second night I was sick so last night was our third night and it was much better. I can't wait to have everything unpacked and in it's new place! We still don't have internet or cable, and they said they wouldn't be able to come out until this Saturday to fix it for us. I didn't realize how much we use internet until we don't have it!!

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  1. That is so exciting you're finally in your house!!! It looked like the perfect day to move! So sorry you got food poisoning! I can't imagine! It'll feel weird sleeping there for a little while but it'll be so amazing once you get everything in and unpacked

  2. Sorry you got so sick!! So exciting about the move though! I remember thinking that about our house, like, is this really ours?! You'll feel at home pretty quickly I'm sure!

  3. Boo on the stomach virus! I can't wait to see more of the house!! Welcome home!

  4. Movers are always worth the money. I have no intention to move ourselves while Mac is in the Army, haha. Hope you feel better!


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