Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Before I worked at my current job I worked in a small cubicle. I decorated it some but not too much, I did enjoy what I did have up though. I don't have any pictures of it but I decided to take a few picture of my work area now. So one day I can look back on it, and I thought it would be fun to share with y'all. I always like seeing other people's work spaces, call me noisy, but I find it interesting and love getting other ideas! Also, there are a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest!!

So here are a few pictures of my work space! I love my desk and the amount of space I have. It's an L shaped desk so plenty of work space.

 I use this planner as my personal planner and I really like it. It's the perfect size and it fits in my purse when I'm not work. I used to be OBSESSED with Emily Ley's planners, I still love them, but the price and well the price just didn't make sense this year. I actually love my Day Designer (maybe even a little more) and I'm completely happy with it! I think I'll be using this one or one similar to this from now on. Very simple and $12 for a planner doesn't break the bank!! I use a basic monthly calendar for work that my work orders for us. I like to keep both of them out and on the left side of my desk so if something comes up through out the day (which something always does) that I need to write in one of them it's available.

I explained in this post about my Rifle Paper Co deskpad that I love! My tumbler is from Target's dollar section. It has gold stripes on it so it matches the rest of my desk accessories. I love it and refill it multiple times a day with water. Leaving it out and in sight helps remind me to drink a lot of water during the days. I have a stack of sticky notes for when I need to write down patient or client information and give to people. Having sticky notes out and ready to use comes in handy when I have lengthy patient/client calls. 

All of my gold desk accessories came from Target except the the pencil holder. The pencil holder came from Hobby Lobby. I found it at the Hobby Lobby in Cookeville and haven't been able to find it at any other Hobby Lobby. All of the accessories from Target are still available though. I had the scissors and stapler but was missing the tape dispenser and Matthew found it on clearance one day and surprised me with it soon after I got my new job. It completed my collection and I love the way they look on my desk. 
The gold picture frame is from our wedding. One each table at our reception we had two gold picture frames back to back. One with an engagement picture in it and one with a Bible verse or quote in it. I got these frames from Dollar Tree and LOVE them. I had to go to FOUR different Dollar Tree stores in three different towns to find all the ones that we needed but I found them and didn't mind the $1 price tag on them. We have these throughout our house and I love having this one on my desk. Using wedding decorations as house decor makes me so happy! I love seeing little pieces from our sweet day each day still. I usually wipe down my desk with a Lysol wipe on Fridays and sometime during the middle of the week to keep it clean and dust free (hello allergies). I make sure my desk and everything is completely clear when I leave on Fridays so I can come in on Mondays to a clean desk. I have found that helps get the week off to a good start and I'm more productive if I have a tidy work area.

That's it! I love finding gold pieces for my desk but I don't really have anymore room to add anything lol so I've had to pass up quite a few adorable pieces at Home Goods, but maybe one day I'll have a bigger work space and be able to get them ;) Do y'all decorate your work space? I love adding small personal touches to make it feel a little more "homey" and like my space. After all, I am there for 8 hours out of the day, might as well make it cute!! 


  1. As a fellow workspace creeper, I love seeing how others set up their area! :)

  2. Love your desk!! The gold accents are perfect! I love seeing other people's work areas :)

  3. My desk is chaos all of time (add to that the fact that my students like to leave crap there, too). I have two photos, but I have a spectacular view of Pikes Peak from my window.

  4. I am obsessed with gold staplers lately, love it!


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