Monday, February 22, 2016


As usual our weekend flew by! By time Saturday night rolled around I was asking myself where did my weekend go?!

We had our first overnight guest at our house! My sister came down on Friday night when she got off and stayed through Saturday afternoon. We don't have furniture in our guest bedrooms yet so the blow up mattress had to do, and it worked just fine! Also, ignore the boxes in the back lol we're still unpacking!! We ordered pizza and had a lazy Friday night all watching TV. Then we decided to make an ice cream run. I tried the red velvet cake blizzard from Dairy Queen...sadly it was not good at all! Saturday we woke up and went shopping! Mady wanted to find some spring/summer tops and she found some cute ones at TJ Maxx! I didn't see anything I needed but we found a huge home store that I will definitely be going back to once we are settled at the house! CUTE decorations for such good prices! 

If you remember from our house tour then there was a mirror above the fireplace the previous owners left. We have decided to mount the TV above the fire place so the mirror had to go. We got to looking at the and realized the previous owners had attached the mirror with some type of construction adhesive...AND painted around the mirror. 

Matthew and his brother were able to get it off this weekend and thankfully the previous owners only used a small amount of adhesive and it didn't do too much damage to the drywall after taking it off.
So here is what it looks like now...we plan on painting soon and having built-ins put in on both sides of the fireplace, eventually.

Sorry for the awful quality picture but here is a picture of our EMPTY study and part of the dining room! These two rooms were FULL of boxes and just about everything else you can think of from our move. We kinda just dumped it all in there and planned on eventually getting to it. And this weekend we got it all upstairs into the guest bedrooms! Now we just have to unpack a few boxes and put stuff where it goes, but it all goes upstairs. It is finally out of sight and in it's place (room.) We hated walking in the door and that being the first thing we saw. So glad we got this done this weekend!! I plan on tackling one guest bedroom per weekend and really organizing everything as I unpack the boxes! 

Sunday we went to church and then to lunch with friends from church. It was a gloomy day and rained off and on. I managed to get in about a 2 hour nap and paid for it last night lol. I always do that but I love my Sunday naps!!


  1. I love seeing how your house is coming together! That color of blue in your loving room is absolutely fabulous. I can't believe the previous owners painted AROUND the mirror, that would have driven me CRAZY, but you guys did an awesome job removing the mirror and adhesive!


  2. What a fun weekend with your sister!! That sucks they did that with the mirror... so annoying! It'll look awesome once you get it all done though :)

  3. So weird that they painted around the mirror. UGH!

  4. So annoying they painted around the mirror! I do love the gray color, though!

  5. You have to wonder if they couldn't get the mirror off, so they just left it haha.


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