Friday, April 8, 2016


Happy Friday, everyone. I have been working some longer hours this week and it has made the week d-r-a-g. Thankfully it'll be the weekend in T-6 hours!

Last weekend we had Matthew's parents over for lunch and to see the house. The last time they were at our house was the day we moved in, so we wanted to show them how it looked now! Matthew grilled some pork chops and zucchini and I made carrots, green beans and mashed potatoes. They brought me these beautiful roses and Murphy along to visit! We sat out on the back patio and watched Murphy explore our backyard and then we made a trip to Home Goods. We found some stuff we liked but the checkout lines were ridiculously long so we decided not to get anything. After his parents left we watched a movie and then decided to go to Panera for an early dinner and we tried Home Goods again and the lines were down, so we were able to get what we wanted.  

Wednesday night around 8:30 Matthew decided he wanted to make a breakfast casserole for breakfast for the rest of the week, so off we went to Kroger to get some breakfast sausage lol. I told him I really love this season of life we're in right now, no kids or pets to be responsible for and we can just up and go whenever and wherever we want to. I love being married to Matthew, it's so fun!
 We had a friend stay with us Wednesday night because he had an interview in Nashville the next morning so it was good to catch up with him a little bit before we went to bed. He'll be back this weekend with everyone else!

I washed and bagged grapes and apples for our snacks, since our snack container was getting low, while Matthew was making the breakfast casserole. I love having them ready to just throw in our lunchboxes in the morning or when we get home and want a snack before dinner. These containers are GREAT. I love the way they look and keep everything organized in our refrigerator. I found mine a few dollars cheaper at Home Goods, but Amazon is always a good place to look too. Our Home Goods usually always has them and I love the various sizes you can choose from.

Last night we pulled into the driveway and I spotted this bush on the side of our house. We have lived there a little over two months and I just found this my defense, there is another bush on the front side of the house that covers this so you can't really see it unless you walk over past the other bush. Anyway, I had no idea what kind it was so I took a picture and sent to my dad and he said it is an azalea bush! I think it is just too cute. We decided not to do anything to our landscape this year to see what all comes up and blooms. I'm hoping we have some pretty little things pop up over the next few months. I still would like to get some cute planters and put on both sides of our front door, but I haven't really looked too much into it yet since we are still having some cool spells. 

I think it was planted there to cover those up!

Our Fitbits came in last night!! I'm wearing the teal one today, and I am just tickled it matches my shirt I had planned on wearing today.

Tomorrow morning our friends are all coming over and staying the rest of the weekend with us. I am just so excited and I can't wait to hangout with everyone!! We are grilling out Saturday for an early dinner and then going to the Sounds game! Last night was opening night for them and I am so pumped to go to some of the games this summer. Hands down one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I love the atmosphere there and the new stadium is a fun bonus. Fingers crossed it doesn't get too cold on Saturday. Every time I check the weather for Saturday I do believe the temperature goes down another degree or two, but it is supposed to be really sunny so hopefully that will keep us somewhat warm during the day. I will definitely be bringing a jacket to the game! Tonight I am picking up our groceries after work so I can prep everything early tomorrow morning, and we'll get everything ready for them to arrive. So excited!

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  1. What a fun weekend and week (minus the long hours at work)! Love that little azalea bush - it's so pretty! I'm sure lots of pretty plants will be blooming at your house :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that little bush you discovered- so pretty!! I think it's smart to wait and see what all blooms at your house before you do anything major, we did the same thing! :) Have a great weekend with your friends!!

  3. Snack prepping (and meal prepping in general) definitely helps keep us on track, too! So awesome! Girl, your kitchen is gorgeous!!! Cannot wait to have a bigger kitchen :)

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