Thursday, May 26, 2016


I confess....our house was already wired for an alarm system when we moved in, but we just started having it monitored and paying for the service, and I am not used to it yet. At all. I set the alarm off last week and frantically called Matthew 1,780 times while he was at the chiropractor. Of course our security company called Matthew and told him the burglary alarm was going off, to which he responded, "that would be my wife." There have also been plenty of times where I opened the door early in the morning, usually checking on my plants lol, and that sets the alarm off. I've gotten the look from Matthew quite often here lately.

I confess...I have been talking in my sleep a lot recently and it's completely freaking Matthew out. The other night he said I was talking about string cheese in my sleep. LOL.

I confess...during the talent show my sister was in I teared up at almost every performance just thinking about how proud their parents must be. Then a whole 2nd grade class performed together and at the end they took their parents a can of Coke with "love" on the side of it and I lost it.

I confess...I like taking pictures of meals that I cook in case I want to post about it on here. I usually make Matthew wait before he can start eating (#instagramhusband) until I have made the perfect picture. To which I get a sigh, eye roll, and that smirky grin of his (I secretly love this smirky grin of his, don't tell him that though.) So I've gotten to where I won't tell him dinner is ready until after I have made all my pictures that I want to take. Boom. Problem solved.
Note: This isn't every meal, most meals, but not every meal. ;) 

I confess....the week before a holiday weekend always seems to be the longest week. It's not just me, I think everyone at the office has been dragging all week, too.

I confess...we started stripping wallpaper the other day. It took me about 45 minutes to strip ALL of the wallpaper in the kitchen and then I went into the dining room where Matthew was working. This took almost an hour and I was in tears by the end (#dramatic). We were using a steamer, but as you can see, it's not helping much. Any suggestions? Or better yet, anyone want to come over and strip the wallpaper in our dining room for us? I'll pay you with food.

I office chair delivered yesterday and it looks incredible. Matthew was SO excited to put it together for me and started late last night getting my office all set up for me. He is the sweetest. 
If you're following me on snapchat (shelbycoats) then you will see Matthew got my computer all set up! We still have some work to do with hiding the cords, and I still have to paint that room, but it's coming along.


  1. LOVE, LOVE the chair! Goodness it's gorgeous! Stephen talks in his sleep too. There's been times I've been able to carry on a conversation with him and it's the funniest thing. He remembers NOTHING of it the next morning.

  2. Love your new office chair! It looks so comfy :)

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  3. I do the same thing with my husband and taking pics of our food! He has learned now when we are eating out to wait until I snap a pic. So funny! I saw your chair on snap! I love it!!

  4. I need that office chair. It is so beautiful! Yes, this week is dragging on.

  5. Haha I'd be struggling with the security system too! "that would be my wife" LOL! That's a riot you talk in your sleep! Stephen's pretty bad about that too - I've recorded him once but then completely forgot and deleted it lol I usually entertain his conversations but the other night he started talking about LOST and I was like NOPE! Wake up and stop talking before it gets creepy! What a sweet talent show! Loving your office and that's so sweet Matthew was super excited to get it put together for you :)

  6. Mistakenly setting off the alarm might be a huge hassle, but most of the time the alarm company doesn't seem to mind too much. When my son threw a football through the garage window and set off the alarm, the security person I talked to suggested that maybe he should take up soccer instead, which I thought was pretty funny.


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