Friday, May 20, 2016


Matthew had to work out of town at the beginning of the week, so my sister came and stayed with me a couple of nights. She's on summer break and doesn't have to be at work some days until jealous. So Monday I got this snap from her...
In response, I sent her this meme...

Monday night I went to my younger sisters softball the cold and rain. There is a covering over the bleachers but the misty rain was coming down sideways..lovely. My sweet dad held the umbrella over us most of the game lol.
Seriously it has felt like early spring all week with the exception of yesterday, it FINALLY warmed up a bit and the sun came out (!!!!!)

In an attempt to make plans for a cookout coming up I text my two best friends and asked if they were planning on going to an even in our hometown but didn't get a response...for 15 HOURS. Literally drove me up the wall lol. So after a couple of hours of sending them the first text I sent this meme (I spend too much time looking up memes.)
I finally got a response 15 hours later and then my best friend shamed my lack of patience on good ole social media...too funny, Kat, not. ;)

Speaking of cookout...Matthew and I are hosting our 1st annual 'Summer Soiree' soon. I am so excited and have been looking up the cutest ideas on Pinterest all week. We thought it would be a good way to kick off summer in a couple of weeks with all of our friends! I'll be sharing more about it next week, but for now, here is a sneak peak of the top half of the invitations I made this week...

I noticed the umbrellas at our neighborhood pool were put up this week, and then yesterday we got the email....our pool is opening up NEXT weekend!!!!

All other 'Friday No.' posts can be found here. Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Happy Friday, girl!! I am so envious of your neighborhood pool haha- we really have no where to swim in the summer and I miss it! Can't wait to hear more details about your party :)

  2. A Summer Soirée! How fun is that! Love the idea. I also love the shirt/vest/watch combo. So cute!!! Happy Friday, lady!!

  3. Woo, time to hit up the pool!! Starting next weekend, of course ;)

    But really, I think the WORST when people don't respond to texts.

  4. I love that you're starting a fun tradition of a summer soiree! So cute! And the invitations look like fun. That will be such a fun thing to do each year. Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for linking up with us over at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. The memes are too funny. (: I love the idea of a summer kick off party!

  6. That is so much fun y'all are going to host a summer cookout!!! You definitely know how to host a party :) That's really funny about your sister borrowing your clothes!!

  7. I love your summer soiree idea! Cannot wait to see your details! And love that you have a neighborhood pool! We looked in a neighborhood that had a pool, but my husband didn't like the one house that was in our price range haha. So now we're in a neighborhood with no pool :(
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. Yay for your pool opening! Happy summer!

  9. I totally communicate through memes. You know it's getting out of control when you send them to your boss, haha.


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