Monday, August 1, 2016


Friday afternoon after work I stopped by the store and picked up groceries and then headed home and got some last minute stuff done before I went and picked up my sisters. I was really excited for them to get there and to get our weekend started!

After we got back home we started on dinner since we were all pretty hungry. I decided we would make our own pizzas at home. Fun and easy!
They are the perfect size pizzas for them and they enjoyed making their own.

After dinner we started making our ice cream. I found a new recipe for no-churn ice cream and decided I would try it with the girlies there!
We made vanilla ice cream and added our own toppings. It actually turned out better than I thought and I am excited to try some other no-churn recipes now!
I'll share later this week the recipe and just how simple it was to make.

After making ice cream we made some cookies for that night, since the ice cream needed to freeze overnight, and watched a Disney movie. Matthew opted out of the Disney movie to finish up some work and to head to bed early....old man status ;) Just kidding, I couldn't even stay awake for the whole movie, ha!

I forgot the girls are used to sleeping in since they are still on summer break and don't really have a set routine, so I kept myself busy Saturday morning with some cleaning around the house and doing laundry until they woke up lol. They were OUT until around 9 lol.
I got cinnamon rolls to make for breakfast and they loved them! Funny story about the cinnamon rolls: I pulled the tube of cinnamon rolls out of the grocery bag and Matthew saw them and got really excited and was like "You got us cinnamon rolls?!?!?" and I said "Well they are for Saturday morning when the girls are here" and his shoulders dropped and he responded with "You never get me cinnamon rolls..." LOL so guess who will be buying cinnamon rolls more often now? ;) No worries though, Matthew enjoyed the cinnamon rolls Saturday morning with the girls!

After breakfast we cleaned up and got ready for a morning at the pool. We made a Sonic run to get some slushies at the idea ever! They talked me into getting a slushie with nerds in it like theirs and goodness, it was so good. I need to remember that from now on.
We got to the pool around 10:30 and had it to ourselves for at least 30 great and the girls took advantage of the open pool and jumped in every 5 seconds lol.
We stayed at the pool for about 2 hours and left when it started getting crowded. We headed back to the house and showered and got ready for the rest of the day. Macy decided to do my hair lol.
After getting ready we watched Fuller House on Netflix and napped for a little bit....the sun and heat can wear two little girls out lol. After they woke up we played Fibbage with Matthew for a bit and finally ate some of our no-churn ice cream that we had made the night before!

 Before my parents got there we took my neighbor, Ms. Colleen, some cookies and got to visit with her for a little bit. She LOVED seeing the girls! 

My parents got there when we were applying our new mailbox decals! I will be sharing more about it tomorrow, but here is a peak at it for now....I LOVE IT!!

After applying the mailbox decals we headed off to dinner. We were going to take my family to a burger place on the lake, the one we ate at during our anniversary weekend, but got there and it was crazy crowded. So we headed back to our town and went to Cheddar's. After dinner we all came back to our house and hung around for a bit. My parents gave us our anniversary present, and we absolutely love it!! It's a beautiful cross with a Bible verse on it. It will look so good on our built-ins one day. They also got us a really sweet card and gift card to Chili's! Woo hoo date night!

Sunday we went to church and then to on of our favorite Mexican restaurants...they have an all you can eat buffet....pure greatness. After we were stuffed we headed home and took a small nap, and then woke up and went straight to work on cleaning out our garage. When we moved in back in January we just threw all of our big boxes in there and said we'd take care of them once it warmed up....well it's been warm and we have just been putting it off lol. We had mattress, treadmill, grill, tools, and tons of other big boxes in there. So we broke them down and stuffed them in our cars. We ended up making 4 trips altogether to the dump. I didn't take before and after pictures of our garage because it was just too much lol. We also took pictures of some stuff we want to sell. So hopefully we'll be listing those for sale this week, and finally get our garage back! We still have a lot of cleaning left, but getting all those boxes out was a huge step. After about 3 hours working on the garage we cleaned up and got ready for church. Right before church started our best friend, Ethan, text us and asked if he could stay the night with us and take him to the airport the next morning so he could fly down to Florida to his brother. So after church was over we met them at our house and then went to Sonic for a quick dinner! It was fun getting to hangout with him for a bit last night, and Matthew dropped him off at the airport bright and early this morning!

We had a full weekend, but were still able to get some rest- which was much needed! This was also the first weekend we've been home for the whole weekend lol. So nice!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. What a fun weekend! I need to try that ice cream! Looks like the girls had a blast!

  2. What a fun weekend! Sounds like you had a blast with your family - so sweet to have your sisters come to visit!

  3. What a fun weekend!! That's so much fun your sisters were able to come stay the night with y'all #coololdersisterstatus lol I can't wait to see that ice cream recipe! That cross your parent's got y'all is super adorable and will look perfect in your built-ins!

  4. What a fun weekend with your sisters - I am sure they loved every minute of it!! Special memories :)

  5. Love that you had a spend the night with your sisters! I love that you plan so many fun things! I'm thinking you may need to host a blogger spend the night haha! Can't wait for your ice cream recipe!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. What a fun weekend with the girls. That is too funny about the cinnamon rolls. I wish I could eat those EVERY darn day!!! So tasty!


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