Friday, July 29, 2016


Happy Friday, friends! I am so happy that it is almost the weekend. This week has actually flown by for me and I'm not complaining one bit. I am also in a bit of shock that this is the last Friday of July. Summer is flying by, and although I LOVE summer weather and just about everything summer has to offer, I am getting the fall/Christmas decorating itch. If you follow me on Pinterest then you already know that lol.

This afternoon my two youngest sisters are coming over and staying the night for the first time at our new house, and I'm very excited! I have been getting the cutest texts from them all week with a countdown to today and about how excited they are. Samantha is going into the 7th grade and Macy is starting middle school this year!! I honestly can't believe how old they are getting, and whenever Facebook or TimeHop shares a memory from when they were little it makes me want to cry for hours lol. I mean just look at these doll babies....
and now they are all grown up (insert crying emoji...)
And that's my other younger sister, Mady, she blogs here! She came over this past Wednesday and went to church with us. We made a Sonic run after that and then we watched Friends until it was time for bed lol. I just love my sisters!!

It has been a very stormy week here in Nashville. It has stormed/rained at least once each day this week, and it has brought the temperatures down a bit! I am hoping the rain and storms hold off this weekend though so we can make it to the pool tomorrow and so that I can pull some weeds!!

I have finally found an iced coffee recipe that I like and it is actually not that bad for you! I'll share more on that next week, but just know, I've been enjoying one every morning this week!
Monday night I was just exhausted and wanted to relax so I decided to take a hot bath....and then I remembered how much I love them. I am going to start taking full advantage of our big soaker tub, it's the best way to relax right before bed!

We have downloaded a new app that we listen to each night as we are falling asleep, and we are loving it! It is called Relax Melodies, and you can listen to just about any sound that you can imagine. What we love about it is that you can listen to different sounds at the same time. So we listen to a thunderstorm and hard rain pretty much every night. Matthew's dad got us a small bluetooth speaker a few weeks ago and we listen to it on that every night, it's the best, and the app is free!

Speaking of sleeping well, I have been looking into some oils to diffuse while we are sleeping to help us sleep better, and there are SO many! I am also looking for some oils that help with headaches. I have zero knowledge on any oils so if you know of some that are good for those two things and don't break the bank, please let me know! 

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  1. We are rainy here in Tampa too! Hopefully the weather picks up for ur fun weekend!

  2. That is so fun that your younger sisters are coming over! Sisters are really the best, and now I'm wanting my sister to join me in a slumber party here ;)

    Happy Friday!

  3. I have been interested to learn about essential oils! Your sisters are precious!

  4. I can't wait for your iced coffee recipe! Have fun with your sisters!

  5. Have fun with your sisters! Nothing beats family time :)

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  6. I hope y'all had so much fun with your younger sisters this weekend :) LOVE your flowers in the kitchen - so jealous you could have real ones next year! I'm getting so excited for fall and Christmas but I need to pull back because by the time they get here, I won't be feeling it anymore lol


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