Thursday, July 21, 2016


We honeymooned in Mexico for 7 days, where we relaxed and enjoyed some excursions!

 We took a weekend trip and went to Chattanooga to visit my BIL and to see his new house!

On Labor Day weekend we decided to give our dining room table a makeover.

We hosted our first event as a married couple at our apartment. We had a taco/game night with some of our good friends.

I gave an apartment/fall decor tour of our apartment.

Our best friend, Kathleen got married, and we celebrated all weekend long. This was also the first time we were in a wedding, and we were matron of honor and best man. We even got to walk down the aisle together (again ;) )

Two weeks later my BIL got married at Fall Creek Falls state park and it was beautiful! Matthew was in the wedding and I helped make pictures.

Matthew officially became a CPA. I surprised him with a small breakfast one morning before work and then we celebrated with dinner at one of his favorite places, Amerigos.

At the end of October we took a long weekend and went to Gatlinburg. Matthew had to work at a client in Knoxville that Saturday morning for a few hours so we decided to make a weekend trip out of it. This was our first "vacation" besides our honeymoon and we enjoyed every second of it!
Our cabin was adorable and perfect for the two of us. It was in the perfect location and had incredible views. We even saw a lot of bears!

We enjoyed a few morning car dates on the way to work when Matthew worked at a client near my office.

We made our first big purchase as a married couple...a new washer and dryer! 

We hosted Friendsgiving at our apartment and had a blast with everyone.

A couple of weeks later we celebrated our first married Thanksgiving!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we spent the whole day decorating for Christmas and watching Christmas movies.

We sent out our first Christmas cards as a married couple, and I was giddy every time we received a Christmas card in the mail!

I somehow convinced Matthew to have Christmas pictures taken.

Time was flying and a couple of weeks later we were celebrating our first married Christmas and enjoying every second of it.

And just as quickly as it arrived Christmas was gone and we said goodbye to our wedding year. We celebrated the new year by staying in and falling asleep before the ball dropped lol.

In early January we took a road trip to Johnson City to visit my BIL & SIL before they started classes.

During the end of the year and the first few days of the beginning of the year we were BUSY with the house buying process! We had a house under contract, were having inspections done and Matthew did a ton of research on everything. Here is our first picture in our house. It was the night of our inspection.

The night before we closed on our house we had our final walk through and then left to meet some friends for dinner. We left the walk through and I ended up getting into a wreck. A young girl hit me and totaled my car. Thankfully we neither of us were hurt!

The very next day we signed a million papers and we were finally homeowners!

We announced it on here and our social media accounts that same day. Friday, January 15th will always be a special day!

The Saturday after we closed on our house we spent the whole day DEEP cleaning our house. My family came over to help.

The following Monday Matthew left on a business trip for the week. I had spent the afternoons and nights after work packing away. We had a huge (huge for Tennesseans lol) snow storm that Friday and it brought Matthew home from his work trip early. We spent the whole weekend snowed in binge watching Netflix and packing up our apartment. We ended up getting 8 inches total!

Before we knew it, it was moving weekend. We spent the whole day Saturday moving things and watching our movers move stuff. Thankfully, unlike the previous weekend, it was a bit warmer and very sunny. 
Our second night in our house I got food poisoning and was up all night.

We went to plenty of Pred's games this past season and watched our fair share of the rest of them on TV. 

Two weeks later we moved the last box out of our apartment and turned in the key to 2413. There were tears shed on my end, but we were excited to get settled in our new homes. I wrote and ode to our apartment and still can't read it without tearing up.

We celebrated our first married Valentine's Day with dinner at a delicious steak house in Nashville, where I had the best steak I've ever had.
and Matthew made me breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day morning before church :)

We planned our 1 year anniversary trip...a cruise!

Celebrated Matthew's 24th birthday with family and friends!

Celebrated our first married Easter!

Hosted our first event in our new house! We grilled out and then all bundled up and went to The Sounds game for opening weekend.

We sat down one night and made our a list of places and restaurants we want to go to and try!

In early May we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with our group of friends!

Memorial Day Weekend we took a road trip to Johnson City to see my BIL & SIL again. We got a tour of campus and did our first Escape Room game.

That same weekend we bought the tools and wood to use for our farmhouse table that Matthew is building us! This was also the trip that we used the last of our wedding gift cards!

We bought new furniture to fill up the rest of our house, and LOVE it!

We hosted our 1st annual Summer Soiree at our house with all of our friends and had a lot of fun! We had a hot dog bar.

I went on a girls trip to Hilton Head and then when I got back we puppy sat my parents new puppy, Ellie, for a week!

We celebrated our first married 4th of July (bringing us to our last "first married holiday") in Murfreesboro with our families. We cooked out at my parents house and had Matthew's parents hosted a murder mystery dinner party!

We hosted a 4th of July themed cookout the weekend after July 4th at our house. Red, White & Blue BBQ!

I recapped each month of our marriage in posts that I called, "The Marriage Diaries." You can read all of them HERE.

Then before we knew it we were celebrating a whole year of marriage where we said our "I do's"

And just like that we have been married for a whole year! I still can't believe it, but I have loved every second of it with my handsome husband. I'm excited to see what all we'll do and where all we'll go in our second year of marriage. Marriage is the sweetest gift and I will forever be thankful to The Lord for it and for Matthew. 


  1. What a fabulous idea to keep track of all these things! It will be so fun to look back on! You guys have had an amazing year - cheers to many more!

  2. What a fun first year! I love Gatlinburg :) Y'all are too cute! New follower!

  3. What a fun 1st year of marriage!! Y'all certainly had a lot of excitement!! All your Christmas pictures makes me miss it so much!!

  4. Such fun! For a second there I thought y'all got a puppy and I was about to be like "how did I miss that?!?" :)

  5. I love this post and I am so glad I stumbled on your marriage diaries. We have been married six weeks and I have to do this so I can look back! Such a great idea!

  6. What a sweet way to commemorate your first year! :)


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