Friday, July 15, 2016


Happy Friday, friends!!!! Just-a-wee-bit excited over here because we get a four day weekend and we are PUMPED. This week was a long one that I never thought would end, so I am hoping today flies by!

I posted this picture on Instagram the other day and mentioned it here, and I had a lot of question about it, and even a few emails. I looked at some Christmas binder ideas on Pinterest and then just put my own together since I can't justify paying for one on Etsy. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to share the printables I made so you can make you own Christmas binder.

We were out on a summer night drive the other day and got to see a beautiful sunset. We also found a really nice golf course really close to our house that Matthew is pretty excited about.
 and this is what the sky looked like by time we got back home. So many pretty colors!

I found this comforter the other day at Target and just fell in love with it. I think it looks just like Rifle Paper Co. products and we all know how much I love all their products. Well I showed Matthew a picture of it and told him this would look great on the twin bed in my office, and that next time we are in Target we should check it out. We have a few Target gift cards left so we could just get it with one of those. Well my sweet husband surprised me with it earlier this week, and just as I expected, it looks SO good in there!!!! We had a navy comforter from Matthew's college apartment in there, but I think this one helps brighten up the room even more. He is the sweetest and I love the new comforter!!

We had plans to go to Murfreesboro and eat dinner with my in-laws last night so Matthew called me right as I was getting off and told me not to leave that he was going to pick me up and we could just head straight to their house. We absolutely LOVE riding to work together in the morning so any chance we get, we will carpool together! We envy those couples that work in the same office together and get to ride to work together lol. I finally got him to come up to my office and was able to give him a really quick tour of where I work before we headed to his parents house for dinner. He was probably telling me not to take a picture lol.

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  1. The sky has been so pretty lately! LOVE your new comforter! Jared & I like riding together too, it's nice extra time together :)

  2. That's exciting y'all found a good golf course near your house! It's a very important thing ;) LOVE that new comforter and it's perfect in your office! So sweet of Matthew to get it for you!! That's so fun he was able to come get you from your office! It's SO much fun showing them around where you work lol Stephen finally saw my office a few months ago and he was like "wow this is legit" for some reason I guess he assumed I never did "real" work lol!! Maybe it's because I always talk about the fun we have at work lol

  3. Glad to see that I'm not the only thinking about Christmas plans//budgeting already!

  4. SO fun! I love that comforter; it really looks great in there!

  5. Love that comforter! So cute :)

    Edye | Http://

  6. I love your Christmas binder. Can you share it with me? I love Christmas and go a bit overboard decorating for the season. I ordered my grandson's Christmas gift last night. My goal is to have at least one gift purchased before the end of July!


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