Wednesday, July 6, 2016


2 weeks ago we were beach bound. We left bright and early to make it there by lunch time. We made good timing and didn't have any trouble, thankfully! We left from Murfreesboro, ate breakfast in Chattanooga, and then stopped in Atlanta for gas.
 Other than that we didn't stop anywhere else on the way there. We ate a later lunch at Dairy Queen soon after arriving in Hilton Head though.
None of us had been to South Carolina before so it was pretty exciting to visit a new place.
We checked into our hotel, changed, headed to lunch and then to the grocery store to get a few things for the long weekend. We got pop tarts, stuff for sandwiches, cokes and water.
After all that we headed to the beach! It was around 4 so we didn't get a whole lot of sun, but I think we all took a good nap lol.

After a few hours at the beach we packed up and headed back to the room to unload our stuff and to change into some comfy clothes. Our hotel came with two full size beds so I brought an air mattress to sleep on so we wouldn't be cramped. It was a tight fit but worked like a charm!
We stayed at this hotel and it was perfect for our time there! It was located right on the beach, came with two bike rentals, had a nice sit down restaurant and a tiki hut attached to it. The Tiki hut had live music at most times throughout the day and night and provided great entertainment. There were 4 volleyball courts right off the walk way, and a large pool. 
Bad picture of the pool, but this was when we first got there. The pool wrapped around the other side of that small building to the left. They served concession type food and drinks out of there. One thing we LOVED about this area...the waitresses from the restaurant attached to the hotel would walk around the pool and take orders. So our last beach day we came up to the pool around lunch time and ordered lunch from our pool chairs. It was great, and the service was fast!

That afternoon we went walking down the beach for about a mile just checking it all out and drooling over some of the GORGEOUS beach houses.
Once it was dark we headed back up to our hotel and found out they play movies every night at the pool. Such a great idea. 
Here is a picture of the tiki hut area, a little blurry.
We headed back to the room and all crashed pretty hard. Surprisingly we went to bed every night between 10-11. Which is weird for us as we always stay up late on vacations but not this time!

We woke up Friday morning and ate pop tarts and then headed out to the beach around 10. We got good seats and spent most of the day at the beach, towards the afternoon we came up to the pool and stayed there until it was time to go back to our room to change for the night. That afternoon Mady and Jordan rode bikes on the beach. Sarah. Kathleen, and I drove around to see what all was close to our hotel. 
Our hotel was in a great location as we could walk/ride our bike to pretty much everything!  We found a cute shopping center and checked it out. They had a dance off that night in the middle of the outdoor area and it was funny watching the kids dance. We also found a good ice cream place!
We all met back up on the volleyball courts and they girls played volleyball. I sat that one out so I didn't get sand in my eyes and mess up my contacts lol. Mady and Jordan found starfish on their bike ride that night too!!
And that was our first two days! We watched shark week on Netflix almost every night and sat around and talked a good bit. We rented our bikes through Hilton Head Bicycle Company from the recommendation of Erin! I would definitely recommend them to anyone as well.


  1. You had a great first trip to SC! HHI is one of my favorite beaches so I'm glad that y'all had a good time while you were there :)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! We lived on HHI for several years and I worked several summers in Coligny Plaza at the paint your own pottery studio :)

  3. Oh my goodness that beach is just gorgeous!!! Looks like so much fun.

  4. Oh my goodness! It already sounds like the best time!! Y'all are troopers for only stopping twice on your drive down lol The hotel looks so nice!

  5. Looks like a fantastic weekend!


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