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I'm breaking up my Hilton Head girls trip recaps to share with you about the murder mystery dinner party my in-laws hosted this past weekend. To read about day 1 & 2 of our girls trip go HERE.

My MIL found this website and then they chose which one they wanted to do. They chose the Bumped Off on Bourbon St. themed one. There are SO many different options and they all look really fun. They had been planning it for weeks and everything turned out so GREAT. From the food/drinks to the decorations and printables. It was all so well planned and was a lot of fun. Disclaimer: this is a picture heavy post!

We were welcomed by a small gift basket on our bed filled with all things "Cajun" since the theme was a New Orleans/Mardi Gras theme.

We started off with our round one card. There were prompts in there to tell you what to talk about and some told you who to talk to. I don't want to give too much information about everything in case anyone reading this wants to buy this kit....which I definitely recommend! 
 While reading round one we snacked on appetizers. We all made appetizers and my MIL made the main dish, drinks and desserts. Matthew and I made Cajun Candied Bacon, Andrew and Christina made Cajun Shrimp Dip, and Nathan and Jenny made a Cajun dip as well, I just can't find the recipe.
The drinks my MIL made were absolutely DELICIOUS. I literally could have had about 5 glasses of that sweet liquid gold. Thankfully she sent the recipe home with me! I'll share the recipes from our party soon. 

After our appetizers we played a game. We had to all make up a rap with our significant other. The rap had to be about Murphy, their pup! It was hilarious, and Matthew and I found out very quickly that we could never quit our day jobs to become rappers lol. 
After everyone performed their raps they split the girls and guys up and we played another game. Then it was time for dinner and round 2! I am a HUGE sucker for cute tablescapes. So when I saw how they decorated the table I was alllllll heart eyes (hence the amount of pictures I took of the table lol). So cute and went so well with our theme! They also had two photo areas set up for us.
For some odd reason I didn't get a picture of our meal. Probably because it was so delicious. During dinner the victim was "murdered" so that moved us along to round three!

After our dinner and round two we made our way back to the living room for round three and dessert. They had music that followed our theme playing in the background the whole time, it was the perfect touch!
Our next game we had to draw a piece of paper from a cup and on the pieces of paper were types of dances we had to do, with our significant other. Matthew and I drew the funky chicken LOL. Andrew and Christina drew the robot, Nathan and Jenny drew ballet, and My in-laws drew ballroom dancing. It was so funny watching everyone and trying to guess what each couple had. After round three we had dessert and then all wrote down our guesses and evidence as to "whodunit", aka who was the murderer. My MIL made a delicious white chocolate dessert...seriously anything white chocolate send my way. I was so full from our meal that I was only able to eat a little of it. Thankfully the rest of it got sent home with us!

And here are some other pictures from our night!

Everyone digging into some appetizers.

Everything was decorated so cute. Even their coffee bar got some Mardi Gras beads!

 These were the two photo taking places. So cute!

The victim and the murderer

And a group picture. Everyone did so great with their costumes, but I have to say, I think my MIL won best dressed!! Tattoo sleeves and biker studded gloves and all!
Jenny was a marathon runner, Nathan was a referee, Matthew was a S.W.A.T team member, I was a spunky cheerleading coach, Andrew was a chef, Christina was a street performer, Judy was a biker chick, and Thom was a musician.

A huge thank you to my in-laws for all the hard work and time they put into hosting this crazy fun dinner party! We loved it and can't wait until we are all together again!!


  1. this looks really fun, i have never done anything like this, but how cool that you can buy kits and such. i am not creative so i would definitely go that route. thank you for linking this post up with gretch and i!

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