Friday, July 8, 2016


This week ended my three week streak of not working a full week. With vacation and the holiday I haven't worked a full week...what am I going to do next week when I have to work 5 full days...just kidding, it will be GOOD to get back into a normal routine! The next week though, Matthew and I both took off that Monday and Tuesday to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Somebody please tell me how we've been married almost a whole year. Excuse me while I go sob now.

We have been talking about getting a treadmill for awhile now and finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase one. It arrives today, and we are so excited! The heat and humidity is pretty much unbearable right now and before we know it the bone chilling weather will be here preventing us from getting outside, so we decided to just get a treadmill so we can exercise anytime we want and not have to worry about the weather! I've already been looking up different treadmill workouts on Pinterest.

I absolutely LOVE summer and warmer weather, and I'm actually pretty bummed that it's already JULY. Summer, slow down please! The cold weather just makes me cringe, but for some reason the last few days I have been on a Christmas kick. I've been looking up tons of ideas on how to decorate our house this year for Christmas and I just can't wait!! Even though that will bring icky cold weather lol.

Our Red, White, & Blue BBQ is tomorrow and I am so excited! The weather isn't look to hot again, but I'm hoping it will hold off or pass quickly.

As I mentioned our 1 year anniversary is quickly approaching and I just got a conformation text that Matthew's anniversary present is ready! I am so, so excited and I can't wait to give it to him. I'll pick it up sometime next week and then comes the hard part. Keeping it from him until our actual anniversary lol.
My uncle Robbie came over last night and took measurements for our built ins for our living room!! We are SO excited to get the ball rolling on this and we're hoping to have them done fairly soon. If you remember in this post I shared about our living room inspiration. Here is a picture of what we are wanting and you can find the tutorial for it here. Give me all the white and shiplap, please!

And here is a picture of our living room. Since our living room is so wide we'll have two sets of shelves on each side our our fireplace. We are SO excited. Every since we moved in I have been picking up small things here and there when I find something that will look good on our built ins shelves. These are next on my list to pick up!

I shared yesterday about our murder mystery dinner party that my in-laws hosted. It was seriously so fun!


  1. I did the wreaths at the kitchen sink window with red gingham curtains last year for Christmas!! It was by far my favorite (and successful) pin of the year! It would like great in your beautiful white kitchen too!!

  2. I used to have a treadmill and LOVED it! So convenient and nice! I cannot wait to see how your living room turns out. I love built ins and you have the perfect room for it!

  3. Happy Friday! I've got a few Christmas projects I should probably start working on soon! I can't wait to see how the built-ins turn out! It looks like you have the perfect space for them. The inspiration photos look great!

  4. Happy Friday! I love having a treadmill. It is so nice to be able to get a run in when I can. I also loved looking at all the Christmas things you pinned. Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay someone else on the Christmas kick!!! I've already begun making plans for our party, window treatments, and stairwell decorations. My very anti - Christmas before Black Friday can't even deal with it right now lol.

  6. So many exciting things!! I can't wait to see what you got Matthew for his 1st anniversary gift! Hope your BBQ went well! Those built-ins are going to look amazing!!

  7. Happy (early) Anniversary!! So exciting! I remember thinking the same thing when we hit one year, it came so FAST. Now I am thinking the same thing again as we come up on year two. Time flies when you're having fun. :) Also, those Christmas pictures have me all kinds of excited!! LOVE THEM ALL!


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