Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this year is half way over. I know everyone always says this, but how is it already July?!

I am holding on to every single second of summer that I can! 
Picture from our honeymoon. I can't wait until we are back on the beach...4 more months!

Here are my June goals...

1. Continue painting. Nope. Didn't even attempt this one again. My uncle is going to paint the rest of the house for us and I'm not even upset about this one!

2. Try 3 new meals.
Taco Bake - This one was 110% husband approved! I actually made this two weeks in a row lol.

3. Keep nails manicured. I did somewhat better on this one this month. In fact, I just painted them again last night!

4. Take advantage of our neighborhood pool!  I am checking this one off too. I've been down there a few times and we have gone night swimming with our best friends, Ethan and Rachel, quite a bit this summer!

5. Video Tour. I am hoping to do that this month lol.

6. Get ready for my girls trip and nail down all the details. We had the best trip! You can read all about Day 1 & 2!

1. Celebrate 365 days of sweet, sweet marriage with my handsome HUSBAND!
I can't even believe we are fixing to celebrate 1 whole year of marriage. 

2. Have 1 year anniversary pictures made. 
I am so excited about this! I bought my dress last night and can't wait to have these made.

3. Do a 6 months update on being in our home.
Crazy to think we've been in our house almost 6 months. We love our home and our neighborhood! We have changed a lot of things around our house and there is still a lot to do but we are taking it one day at a time.

4. Get a treadmill workout nailed down!
Matthew has been waking up and walking on the treadmill every morning this week so I might start walking on it as soon as I get home in the evenings.

5. Try 3 new recipes & share.

6. Create a Christmas binder.
I can kinda go on and mark this one off lol since I've been working on it for the past week or so, but I still have some printables I need to make/print off for my binder. I am determined to stay organized and ahead of Christmas this year, so I can really enjoy every minute of it and not be stressed out. I would say I did pretty good last year on this considering that our Christmas cards delivered before Halloween, ha! So I am hoping to keep it up again this year!

Maybe one day this month I'll get to it lol.

8. Meet our new neighbors.
A family just moved across the street from us about 2 weeks ago and we need to get over there and meet them. I can't believe we haven't done that yet. Before we even closed on our house our sweet neighbors came over and introduced themselves and brought us cookies. It was a small gesture but made sure a huge impact on us, and reassured us about the neighborhood we were moving in to (not that we really needed it lol).

9. Go through drawers/closet and get rid of things we don't wear anymore.
We are taking off on Monday and Tuesday for our anniversary. At first we had planned on going on a small weekend trip somewhere, but then we realized we haven't had a full weekend at home with zero plans in over a month so we decided to just stay home. Staycation it is! We plan on doing things in our city (I do believe a couples massage is being scheduled!) and getting a lot of things done around the house. I am so excited I could cry. 

10. Have my sisters over to spend the night.
My sister Mady has spent the night, but my two youngest sisters haven't and they are begging to, and I really want them to! I am hoping to plan a night at the end of this month for them to stay over before school starts back. So exciting!


  1. Love your goals! I need to do a better job on my nails too. We did 1 year anniversary photos & I love them. You'll be so glad you did them! We are looking at getting a treadmill too so I can work out inside this winter, I love Pure Barre but it was getting so expensive! I'm also glad I'm not the only one working on Christmas plans already :) I just can't help myself! Hope you all have the best staycation to celebrate! Sometimes weekends like that are just what the doctor ordered :)

  2. That's so awesome your uncle is going to paint the rest of the house lol! That is so exciting y'all are having your 1st anniversary!! Love that you're going to do anniversary pics! We wanted to do pictures this year but they were pretty pricey and I don't have skilled friends lol Hopefully my dad can take some in Chatt (in the fall - I'm so excited! lol) you have some great goals for July!

  3. Great goals! That taco bake recipe looks SO good! I think that would be a favorite of mine, too. Props to you on getting ready for Christmas already - that is definitely impressive!


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