Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Although I didn't mark everything off like I wanted to we still accomplished a lot this past month.

Here are my May goals.

1. Work on my office. I am going to mark this on off. However, it is still a work in progress, and probably will be for the next couple of years, we got a lot done in there! One Saturday I went in there and just cleaned the whole room out. It did look like this...
Matthew got my computer, desk, and chair all set up and we got Matthew's twin bed from his college apartment set up in there for guests! 

2. Yard sale prep. I am going to mark this one off, because I have a few totes full of stuff for the yard sale that our neighborhood hosted, but the morning of the yard sale we woke up and it was raining and no one was participating! So although we didn't have a yard sale I went though our stuff and decided on what we need to get rid of. Now to just get it to Goodwill ;) 

3. Create a 'House to-do list'. We did this and these past few weeks we have been marking things off. We still have a lot to do but it will all happen over time!

4. Video Tour. I didn't even attempt this one. Once we got the paint we started painting and our house has looked like a construction zone for the past couple of weeks. Seriously, painters tape, drop cloths, you name it. Once we get all of that up I will attempt to make a video!

5. Landscaping. We took out one bush and plan on taking the other one down as well. We also found these beautiful planter at Target and placed them on each side of our front door. I absolutely love pulling up and seeing them each day.

6. Print pictures. Didn't attempt this one either. Painting kinda took over this past month for 'house projects.'

1. Continue painting. I'm not going to say finish because I know that's a lot to get done. I would like to finish the dining room, do the second (& hopefully final) coat on the study and kitchen. Then I would LOVE to start on our living room...that will be tricky since we have so much furniture in there. 

2. Try 3 new meals. One new meal each week. There are so many recipes I want to try!

3. Keep nails manicured. I know this was a goal a couple of months ago, but I need to keep it up!

4. Take advantage of our neighborhood pool! It has been open and I haven't been there yet. So crazy of me! I'm just ready to get some vitamin d.

5. Video Tour. Hopefully I'll get to it this month!!

6. Get ready for my girls trip and nail down all the details. Our girls trip is this month and I am so excited! We met a couple of weeks ago to discuss our trip but we need to have dinner again soon to nail down all the details of what we want to do and see. If you missed it, we're going to Hilton Head for a long weekend. It's our first time there so if you have any tips and "must see/do" activities please let me know!


  1. Great list. I love the idea of trying new meals. I totally get tired of eating the same things over and over again.

  2. Hi! My name is Amy and I've been following your blog from MN! I went to Hilton Head a few weeks ago and have a few tips :) If you decide to bike the beach, make sure you check which way the wind is blowing. It's SO much easier if you go with the wind than against it (even a small breeze makes a difference). All of the little trails from the beach into the neighborhoods have "no trespassing" signs, but no one bothered us when we used them. If you decide to go to Salty Dog or anywhere in the Sea Forest Preserve, know that they'll charge you $6 per day to get into that area of the island. Not sure if there's a pass for an extended visit or a discount if you're staying there. It's beautiful - enjoy!

    1. Hi Amy!! Thank you so much for those recommendations! We are definitely looking into renting bikes to ride around on so I will have to remember that tip. I have heard great things about Salty Dog Cafe so that is good to know. Thank you again! :)

  3. You did amazing on your May goals! Can't wait for the video tour :)

    Edye | Http://

  4. Y'all got a lot done in May! That'll be so nice going to the community pool! i'm visiting my SIL this weekend and can't wait to use their pool lol Can't wait to see the video tour! That's a great idea!

  5. You got a lot done in May! Bummer the yard sale got rained out!

  6. Hilton Head for a long weekend?! SO AMAZING! That's my favorite place on Earth - have so much fun!!!


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