Friday, June 3, 2016


This week has FLOWN by, and usually that's a good thing, but for once I wanted to to go by a little slower so that I could get more done. For some crazy reason we took on the project of painting the kitchen, dining room AND study before this weekend. So basically I've been coming home and painting until it's time to go to bed. BUT we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We got the first coat on the study, over 90% of the kitchen. The dining room is definitely still a work in progress. Painting has definitely reminded me I'm not 15 anymore. I've been achy all week and feeling like this in the mornings...

I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that it is JUNE. My timehop is flooded with wedding prep memories from last year and I love seeing all of it. Our engagement was truly one of the best seasons.

THIS Saturday is our first annual Summer Soiree and we're looking at a good chance of 90% chance.
I have been watching it all week. Started out at 40% then got bumped up to 60% and now we're at 90%. Every time I look at it this is my reaction...

Our new furniture delivered and it is PERFECT! Our home is basically furnished now and it feels so good. All we lack is our farmhouse table in the dining room and a sectional for the other side of our living room. Matthew is going to build the farmhouse table soon (we bought the supplies for it this past weekend) and we're going to wait on the sectional. There is really no rush on that one. Matthew is LOVING his new desk and I am loving seeing him work at it! I'll share it all next week. Our house looks like a construction zone right now.

I love finding a cute calendar for my desktop at work each month, and Dawn never disappoints. You can find this June calendar and many other adorable freebies here!

Fingers crossed the weather doesn't keep us inside all day Saturday. Follow along on Snapchat (shelbycoats) to see snaps of our Summer Soiree.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fingers crossed the weather turns around for you!! Love that desktop - so pretty!

  2. This weather is the WORST! Hopefully you'll get some rays of sunshine for your soirée!

    What fun memories you two are making by making this house your HOME!

  3. Hope your weather ends up turning out sunny and rainless!! And that calendar desktop is adorable! I'm going to have to check those out.

  4. Oh no!! I hope the weather changes - how annoying! (lol at the dog picture though!!) That's exciting y'all are almost done painting! The process sucks, but it'll be so nice once it's over! Can't wait to see the house updates!! That's so exciting that it's coming together :)

  5. That dog is so adorable and I totally feel the "I don't want to adult today" fever. This weather has been awful!!! Fingers crossed y'all get to be that 10% with no rain. Washed out plans are the worst. Have a good weekend!!!

  6. I hope the weather changes too!! And painting is such a huge project. Worth it in the end though! :)


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