Friday, June 10, 2016


Friday, we made it! Monday flew by for me but the rest of the days went by very slowly. We don't have any "real" plans this weekend other than waiting around for the repair man to come fix our ice maker. Yep, our brand new refrigerator that we have only had for around 3 or 4 months (I can't remember!) I do plan on making it to the pool this weekend though!

I love sitting on our back patio (after the sun goes down some) and either read or browse Pinterest on my tablet. It's so peaceful!

I made My crock pot made creamy ranch chicken this past week. It was a new recipe and Matthew and I really liked it! The leftovers were even better for our lunches.

I am loving my June playlist on Spotify! I may have already made my July playlist and listen to it at work, too... ;)

Do y'all remember Emily Ley's Simplicity Challenge? I followed it pretty closely back in January when she did the challenge, but I'm thinking it's time to do some of them again!

I had to go home on Monday for lunch because I forgot something and the weather was absolutely incredible! Sunny, warm and low humidity. It made driving by the pool on the way out of our neighborhood to go back to work very, very hard!

I posted about our Summer Soiree at the beginning of this week and had a lot of people ask about the labels I made for all of the food. I will be sharing those next week so you can print them for your summer celebrations.

It is supposed to be H-O-T here this weekend. Hoping everyone at the CMA fest and Bonnaroo stays well hydrated this weekend!

My SIL and one of her friends have been staying with us since Wednesday night because they have a PT conference they are attending here in Nashville, so it's been nice to catch up with them and hear all about school and their clinicals they just finished up. PT school keeps them very busy, so it's been fun having them over for a few days! 


  1. What I wouldn't give to have a backyard right about now. Finally some beautiful weather and not a whole lot of areas to enjoy it.

  2. I can't believe your ice machine already broke!! That's so frustrating! Love your backyard - it looks so peaceful! Hope you get to go to the pool this weekend!!

  3. Thank goodness for warranty on home appliances! Our 1 year warranty is up June 26th and we are going to extend that because you never know what will happen! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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