Monday, June 13, 2016


Friday I left the office early to get my hair cut. I just got it trimmed and had some long layers put in it, nothing too crazy, but I can tell a huge difference. My hair is so thick and once it starts getting longer I have to have layers or it will just be too much to deal with. My hair dresser told me that it would look really good curled with all the layers, so as soon as I got home I started curling it. Matthew got home a little after that and I was finishing up my hair when our door bell rang. It was our neighbor, and they asked if we wanted to see a fawn that was born a few hours earlier in their backyard. So of course we said yes and went over to check it out! Sadly I didn't grab my phone, but it was the sweetest little fawn just hanging out under their trampoline. The mom had given birth in their backyard, but our neighbor informed us that she has been hanging out in our backyard all week, so sweet!

After our wildlife adventure we headed out for a quick dinner at Sonic and to drive around since it was so nice outside. I looooove driving around in the afternoon as it's getting dark in the summer.

Saturday we woke up and my SIL and her friend were still there so we all lounged around watching Gilmore Girls while Matthew was at his chiropractor appointment. He brought home donuts for breakfast. After a few more episodes, my SIL and her friend left to head back home, Matthew had some work to do so I headed to the pool. I got there early and got a good chair. I stayed for a little over an hour and then our friends, Ethan and Rachel came over to hang out.

We tried a new place for lunch and really liked it. It was very similar to Genghis Grill if you are familiar with that.

After lunch we came back to the house and Ethan and Rachel helped us move all the wood and tools into the house so that Matthew could make all the measurements for our farmhouse table!!

We hung out for awhile and then got ready and headed to a church in Brentwood where we were having a singing night. Our college campus ministry was going to it, so it was good to see everyone again!

We came back to the house and ended up all going for a night swim since no one was at the pool. It was spontaneous and ended up being a lot of fun! I love those kind of nights.

Later that night my mom sent me a picture....of their new puppy!!!! They named her Ellie Mae and I am so excited to meet her!!!! They have been looking for one for a few weeks now and my mom asked if they found one before they left for vacation would we dog sit for them while they were gone for a few days. Matthew and I quickly responded with a YESSS! So we get to dog puppy sit for them in a few weeks and we are really excited. I already know having a puppy around the house is going to add to our puppy fever we have, but hopefully we can stay

Sunday we went to church, picked up groceries, cleaned and did laundry, worked on the farmhouse table a little bit, I got more tanning time, and watched a good bit of New Girl. We started it last Wednesday night and we are obsessed with it. It is absolutely hilarious!! 

Here is another picture from our farmhouse table makin'! I am so excited about out table and can't wait to see it completely finished soon.


  1. So fun! That table is going to look awesome!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait to see that finished table!!

  3. Can't wait to see your finished table! Making a farmhouse table is on our summer to do list... hopefully we'll be getting started on it soon!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Can't wait to see the finished product on the table :)

  5. Love your new haircut!! It's super adorable and perfect for summer :) That is so sweet a baby fawn was born and you got to see it!!! The pool time(s) sound like a lot of fun! Night swims in the summer are the best :) Your family's new puppy is so adorable - watching it is going to be so much fun! Can't wait to see the farmhouse table!! Looks like it's coming along well :)

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend! I have been itching to go swimming this summer, and that pool just makes me want to go even more now! :) I can't wait to see the finished product of your farm table! It is already looking AMAZING! What a craft hubby you have!


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