Tuesday, July 12, 2016


We had our Red, White, & Blue BBQ this past weekend and it was a blast! If you have been around here for nay length of time then you know my husband and I love hosting dinner parties and I love planning them.

Since we weren't able to have our cookout on July 4th weekend we had it the weekend after. Side note, if you are having a holiday themed party after the actual holiday has passed go to the store and stock up on all the clearanced party decorations!

Thankfully the weather worked out for us this time. It was very sunny and very warm, the humidity wasn't terrible though! We had planned on going to a Sounds game but decided to all go see a movie instead since it was so hot outside. Instead of making everything this time we asked people to bring a side. We provided appetizers, the BBQ, drinks, and desserts. Our dinner spread turned out great and I gained a few new recipes that I am excited to try out myself and share with y'all!
I made Loaded Baked Potato dip, Rotel dip, and Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pinwheels for our appetizers.
In order to keep things simple and budget friendly we usually just do sweet tea, lemonade, and water. I got the paper straws from Dollar Tree and the washi tape from Wal-Mart. The washi tape sprucens things up and is the best way for people to label and keep up with their drinks. A few of you asked where our drink dispenser is from, so I wanted to be sure and share that with y'all this time. I picked it up at Wal-Mart! It's from The Pioneer Woman's line and I love it! It comes with two cute decorative lids and two plain metal lids, two chalkboard labels, and the metal stand they sit on double as an ice bucket. They work perfectly for our dinner parties and people always go on and on about them. 

After appetizers we all went outside and played croquet. My FIL recently bought this yard game and let us borrow it for the weekend. Some of the guys rotated between playing Xbox inside and playing croquet outside, while most of us girls hung out in the shade chit chatting and watching the guys goof off.

After we had enough of the heat we went inside and then it was time for dinner.

After dinner we played games until it was time to go to the movie. Almost everyone spent the night with us this time. We had a full house, and as always, we are so thankful for our home, and that we are able to host so many sweet friends.I think this was our last dinner party for the summer since school starts back up next month, but we have some fun events in the making for later this fall and early winter (I may or may not have already planned about 95% of Friendsgiving) that we are pretty excited about! 


  1. You all host the cutest parties! I always think about doing it and then decide we're too busy but seeing how much fun you all have inspires me to actually do it!

  2. You are one of the most adorable couples! I love all the parties you host, and wish we could do things like this! Someday we'll have a yard!

  3. What a fun party! I just love that printable at the top! Looks like everyone had a blast, not to mention that wonderful spread you had.

  4. Hosting parties is the BEST! You guys are so darn cute. The drink jars are too cute!

  5. I love how y'all host parties like this and really open up your house to friends and family!! Looks like an adorable party and I love all the decorations!!

  6. Oh my heavens this is absolutely fabulous!


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