Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Happy Tuesday! Our weekend was a GOOD one and we were sad to see it end. We were able to get A LOT done around the house and it felt great. We are so thankful for our home and love working on it together. 

Matthew got home from his business trip and went straight into yard work mode, and I went straight to dinner mode lol.
Seriously, what a man! I am so thankful for him!!
 I made a pizza calzone and it was finishing up right as Matthew was taking a break. Perfect timing!
After dinner Matthew went back to mowing the yard and I ran out and picked up our groceries for the next week. I came back and got to work on painting. I was determined to get the second coat on the whole dining room and Matthew was determined to get the whole back yard finished before it was dark. Thankfully we were able to accomplish both, and we both crashed into bed that night. 

We were back up Saturday morning and ready to go, Matthew had a chiropractor appointment and I got started on the painting and waited for the ice maker repair man to show up. We had a new ice maker put in a couple of months ago but it was a bad one and they finally came to look at it. So we get to wait two more weeks before they can come and install a new one...:) Oh well!

I made our favorite sausage roll ups for a later breakfast that we pigged out on after Matthew got back home and then it was back to work. Painting and yard work that is. Matthew actually went to Home Depot and bought a new push mower for us to use. My dad had let us borrow one of their old ones until we bought one and it was time. So while Matthew ran to pick that up I decided to take a break from painting and went outside to pull weeds. It was a cloudy morning so it was the perfect time. I can't believe I let them get so bad, but I just kept putting it off. Here is the (embarrassing)before and after...
 I realized how awful it was after I filled up a whole trash bag with weeds and looked at this picture lol. We bought some stuff to take care of this from now on. Thankfully!

Matthew got back and got to work in the yard using our new push mower! We love it and I was a little too excited to try it out lol. Matthew also taught me how to use the weed eater and I was able to use it for a few minutes before Matthew took back over. After that I headed back to painting. 

If your remember in this post I shared our wallpaper dilemma. Well 1 coat of thick primer, and two coats of our actual paint and the ugly red wallpaper is finally gone!!
Some primer and paint can make a HUGE difference. The top picture is the coat of primer and the second picture is with the first coat of paint.

And here is the before and after of our dining room...I have to admit, I am in LOVE with it. The before picture is a little blurry, but unfortunately it is all I had. I thought I had a better one, but you get the point! 

We used Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, and honestly could not be happier with it.

Saturday afternoon we cleaned up and got ready for the Titans game. We headed down there and right as we got close to parking the bottom let out and it was raining cats and dogs. Which made traffic awful and unfortunately all the parking was GONE. We could have parked over a mile away in a bad part of town and walk in the rain but we decided that just wasn't safe, and the fact that they don't let you bring umbrellas in the stadium for safety reasons was just icing on the cake lol. So sadly, we left and went back home...in the pouring rain. We did listen to most of the game on the radio though, and we won- woo hoo! Our best friends were in town and came over for a little bit and we decided to go on an ice cream run to Dairy Queen.

Sunday morning was our church's 125th homecoming and it was great! We had some great speakers and it was crazy packed. Since we have only been going there for a little over a year we don't know people who used to go there years ago like a lot of people did, but I really enjoyed watching the sweet reunions between past and present members. We had a fellowship meal after services and it was fun getting to eat with our friends. Rachel and I showed up to church in the same color lol.

After church we made a Lowe's run and then back home for some more painting, but not before we took a small Sunday nap ;) We got A LOT of the living room finished Sunday afternoon and I am hoping to finish the rest of it tonight, so we can have our living room back in order!!

Whew! What a weekend, we crashed Sunday night pretty early too. Hope y'all had a great weekend! 


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I love that you are so involved in your church. For years I've tried to find a church home and just haven't fit in anywhere. Do you have any suggestions for finding a great church?

  2. Sounds like a great and productive weekend!! LOVE your dining room transformation. It looks SO good!

  3. It sounds like you and I had very similar weekends! A lot of painting, yard work, and all of those fun homeownership things :)

  4. You guys got SO MUCH done this weekend! Your dining room looks amazing. What a transformation - just so much brighter and lighter, with a very classic feel.

  5. LOVE how the dining room turned out! You guys worked so hard this weekend, and it definitely paid off. :)

  6. It looks like you had a full weekend! I love your dining room, it looks great!!!! It is so chic and crisp.

  7. What a great weekend!! Y'all got a TON done!! You did amazing pulling all those weeds... I'm such a baby when it comes to yard work - I think Stephen's finally accepted it.. hopefully lol I am so obsessed with your new dining room - it looks amazing!!! Crazy what some paint can do for a room lol That's such a bummer y'all had to miss the football game!! Sounds like your alternative was just as fun though :) Glad you had a great weekend!

  8. Love Agreeable Gray. May I ask what shade of white you used for wainscoting and trim?


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