Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I love taking a hot bath, especially this time of the year. The weather is starting to cool down, I can feel my skin getting dry and itchy, and our never ending busy schedule has me craving hot bubble baths and lots of lotion around this time of the year. Here are some of my favorite bath essentials and a few things I am adding to my wish list!

Waffle Knit Robe (the best robe I have ever owned!)
Bath Caddy (adding this to my Christmas wish list)
Luxury Spa Bath Pillow (this is also being added to my wish list)
Epsom Salt Soaking Solution (I seriously can't take a bath without this)
Lavender Vanilla Candle (smells amazing)

Not only does this help me relax and feel refreshed, but it's great for my skin. I love taking a hot bath after dinner is over and a couple of hours before bed. I swear I always sleep better when I have had a hot bath a couple of hours before. 

So tonight after dinner is over and the dishes are put away, forget about any chores you need to be doing, light a candle and take a hot bath!


  1. Baths in the winter are perfect. I always think of that Friends episode where Chandler love's baths!! Haha.

    Having a foaming bath with loads of bubbles, and those amazing smelling candles takes all my troubles away. Though I am totally going to try that lavender vanilla candle you suggested!!

    Kailagh Anne

  2. Ugh, a bath sounds amazing. Caleb and I stayed in a hotel in TN last weekend and you KNOW I took advantage of the Jacuzzi tub. Our tub/shower at home is kinda tiny so I don't really take baths anymore. I miss it so much!


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