Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Yesterday people dressed up and decorated at work, but sadly my team was just too busy this year to participate. It was fun seeing all the other teams decorations and costumes though! Fair warning, all pictures in this post are from my iPhone. Maybe one day I will remember to break out my nice camera!

One team did a tiki island theme and all wore Hawaiian florals.
 And another team did a pirate theme and they all dressed as pirates! 

After work I rushed to Wal-Mart because I had completely forgotten to pick up Halloween candy to hand out...complete fail. Well I get to where the Halloween candy used to be and it had been replaced by Christmas candy...insert melt down in the middle of Wal-Mart right here. Thankfully they had a small section of Halloween candy left..on the other side of the store. I also realized we didn't have a bowl or anything to hand the candy out in so I picked up the only Halloween pumpkin bucket that I saw.

A beautiful Halloween sunset

When I got home I realized it lit up and was a little too excited about that lol. Matthew had to work late, so I was running around like a mad woman, trying to get Reagan out and fed while setting up our chairs and candy outside. On top of all that it was burning up, which didn't help since I had changed into my Predator's long sleeve pullover to be a "Pred's super fan", literally broke out into a sweat trying to get everything ready before trick or treaters started coming around. My neighbor, who has lived in our neighborhood since it was first built and has done this for over 10 years was already sitting outside in his driveway with everything ready for trick or treaters when I got home...he got a good laugh at me running around like I was crazy, I'm sure. ;) Thankfully Matthew got home around the time we started getting a lot of visitors!!
Here is our little setup!
Nothing fancy, just some candy and two of our picnic table chairs from our back deck area lol

We had probably around 50 trick or treaters before we ran out of candy and called it a night, but it was a lot of fun and we enjoyed seeing all of the cutest little trick or treaters! My favorites: the little girl dressed as cat in the hat, super woman, a little fireman, and a little ballerina. 

We held Reagan for the most part, but she kept whining because she wanted to get down and run around the yard, so when we had a break between trick or treaters we would let her down to play. All of or trick or treaters loved her and all wanted to pet her, it was adorable.

She was guarding the candy!

After about an hour and a half we were done and went inside for dinner. I got some meat from the deli while at Walmart for a quick dinner of sandwich wraps and chips. We settled in for the night and watched The Profit until it was time for bed. Reagan was out as soon as we sat down for dinner lol

It was a fun (and very hot!) Halloween, and I know next year to be 100% prepared because trick or treaters like to start early!


  1. I love the cute Halloween bucket you picked up. Also I'm glad you took the advice on being a "super fan" ;) isn't it so easy, and a great last minute "costume"!? Go you!! I love that little pup of yours, omg! So cute!

  2. That is so fun your office dresses up like that!! Oh man, I would've been so frazzled in Walmart if that happened lol Thank goodness they had some candy! I was trying to finish folding our laundry and Stephen was getting frazzled because he didn't want to sit outside alone and look like a creeper lol! Sounds like even though it was a little stressful, your first Halloween was a success!

  3. Reagan is so cute as always! Most of the stores around here already have Christmas stuff, too.

  4. How cool that your workplace was able to decorate and dress up. My work does not allow it. Seems you had a fair amount of trick-or-treaters.


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