Tuesday, November 29, 2016


It's that time of the year again, the temps are starting to drop, people are docking their boats and putting up their bathing suits until next year, and pulling out their sweaters, leggings and boots.
 I am beyond ready for some cozy nights at home with my husband and our fire place.
Here are some fun winter date ideas that y'all can do this year!

ONE | Drive around and look at Christmas lights
TWO | Take pictures at a Christmas tree farm
THREE | Go shopping for an angle tree child or fill a shoebox.
FOUR | Have a progressive dinner in your town.
FIVE | Pull out the air mattress or sleeping bags and have a sleepover in front of the fireplace 
SIX | Go on a hike
SEVEN | Make dinner together at home - this cookbook is perfect
EIGHT | Go to a local Christmas play
NINE | Go get hot chocolate and walk around your town square
TEN | Decorate Christmas cookies
ELEVEN | Have another couple over and build gingerbread houses and have soup night - this soup is incredible!
TWELVE | Set up the self timer and take a couple of Christmas pictures in front of your Christmas tree
THIRTEEN | Go to a few football games and grab hot chocolate while you're there to warm up
FOURTEEN | Have a cheesy Christmas movie marathon and make these
FIFTEEN | DIY your tacky Christmas sweaters


  1. All great ideas! Building a gingerbread house is definitely on my list for this year!

  2. Great ideas!! We do a lot of these as traditions each year and they're always so fun :)

  3. We have never participated in a progressive dinner. It sounds interesting.

  4. Love these ideas! So much fun! I'm going to have to remember the couple date for soup and gingerbread houses!

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