Thursday, December 8, 2016


Thanksgiving break started for us on Wednesday a little after 3:00. I headed home from work and we finished up packing our things and straightening up around the house before we headed home for the long weekend. We dropped Reagan off at my in-laws and then headed to meet my family for dinner. Wednesday also happened to be my youngest sister's birthday so we all went to dinner to celebrate.
I can't believe she is 12 years old!!! After dinner we all went to Target to help her pick out some new boots and we got a couple of Christmas presents while we were there ;) 

Thursday (Thanksgiving day) we ate an early lunch with Matthew's family and then headed over to my families house for the day. My mom hurt her back a couple of days before Thanksgiving so we all helped with the cooking, although she had most of it done already! Then while watching football we took a nap lol. My sister snapped this picture of us and we couldn't stop laughing at it...all three of us were knocked out for about an hour!
Dinner was delicious, as usual, and then we all went outside to make some pictures before it got dark

We recreated our sister picture from last year and we loved it! Also, this picture was made on my sister's iPhone 7...the camera is incredible and I can't wait for our upgrade now!

After dinner and everyone was gone we laid around watching a movie and Reagan was worn out from her big day with everyone...
Thanksgiving with my family was great and I am already looking forward to Christmas with them!

Friday we had Thanksgiving with my mema (dad's mom) and that side of the family.
Snap Chat fun with my youngest sister!
All the grand kids with Mema! It's a tradition every year that all the grand kids help decorate the tree in her sun room so we enjoyed all decorating it again this year. A long time ago we all made a paper chain that we put on it each year...that chain is wearing out lol.

After Thanksgiving at mema's we ran by the house to repack for the weekend and to pack for our cruise! Reagan helped us pack...she could definitely tell something was going on lol.

We headed back home to Matthew's parent's house and his family had decided to go see a movie so we went with them! We saw the movie, Moana. It was a cute movie but it was a late show time so I struggled to stay awake through the whole thing lol #grannystatus

Saturday we did Thanksgiving with Matthew's family. We spent the day hanging around their house until the rest of the family got there. While the guys went outside to play Spikeball the girls stayed inside by the fire and started Gilmore Girls! I also worked on Christmas cards during this time too. We also played a new came called Watch Ya Mouth. Seriously the funniest game. EVER. There aren't any pictures because those would be just too embarrassing lol. If you have never heard of it watch this video. We were all in tears from laughing so much. Such a great game to play with a group of people!!

Saturday afternoon is when we had our Thanksgiving meal with the whole family and it was fun and the food was delicious. I didn't take many pictures, sadly, but I did snap one of the table setup!

Later that night I ran over to my parents house (thankfully, our parents live about 10 mins away from each other!) because they were having my sister's birthday party with the family. By time I got there most of everyone was gone but I still got to see some family!

Sunday we all went to church together and then to a favorite Mexican restaurant after. Sunday night after church Matthew and I ran to Wal-Mart to buy this....
a 12ft Christmas tree!!!! We were both beyond thrilled when we found this amazing deal and couldn't load it up quick enough! The perfect ending to our Thanksgiving break!


  1. LOL at Reagan "helping" you pack. Our dogs give us looks when we get ready for work in the morning.

  2. Sounds like you all had a very busy but fun Thanksgiving weekend! So glad you were able to get your 12ft tree :)

  3. Oh man, y'all had a jam packed Thanksgiving!! So neat you get to see both sides of the family and many extended family members :)

  4. Phew, I was tired just reading all of that! But also I loved it because there was so much family time in there and that is exactly how holidays should be!

    Now I'm ready to see this 12-ft tree in all her glory :)

  5. Sounds like such a great Thanksgiving!! So awesome your parents live so close to each other!


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