Friday, December 9, 2016


The first week back from vacation is always rough, but the first week back from a holiday + vacation is even worse. This has been me every morning this week...

Thankfully this weekend we don't have many plans, and will basically have all of Saturday free! I plan on catching up on laundry, some cleaning, last minute decorating and probably a nap by the fire and Christmas lights with my girl and handsome husband!

- Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate some good news (work related) for Matthew and I am excited and so proud of him!!

- This weekend there are a ton of college graduations going on which always makes me think of Matthew's graduations. He graduated in December 2013 with his undergrad degree and in December 2014 with his MBA. We had parties for both and it was a lot of fun each year.


- Last week we were enjoying the nice weather...sunny and 85 with a breeze and this week it has been FREEZING. It finally feels like December, which I'm glad! I have to admit, I am a little jealous of different parts of the country that are experiencing snowstorms. I always want snow in December but after December I am ready for warm weather. It never works that way and we usually never get snow until late January and February lol.

- One night this past week while Matthew was working a little Reagan and I decided to have a Christmas photoshoot in our living room! She definitely enjoyed all the treats she got during this little shoot of ours lol ;) That white poof of hair on top of her head kills me!!!! It's like a little hair piece lol and most mornings when she wakes up it is sticking straight UP. I LOVE IT...too much cuteness. 

- We have our first Christmas party of the season this Saturday night and we're excited. It's with our class at church and last year's party was a hit, so we know this year will be just as great! I am making a couple of these cookie pies for the party, and if they turn out well I might make them for another Christmas party in a few weeks. 

- While we were in Cozumel last week shopping around I came across a bunch of dog shirts/dresses and knew we had to get one for our girl! I mean what kind of puppy parents would we be if we didn't bring our girl something home from our trip?! ;) So we decided on this little blue dress and sadly, it's too I guess we'll just have to go back to get the right size...

- I have SO been enjoying a couple of lazy nights next to the fire and Christmas lights this past week! We were able to catch up on all of our shows (This Is Us and Designated Survivor) that we missed over the holiday week and week we were gone.

- Sunday we are going to a concert for my FIL's birthday! We are going to see Home Free and we are so pumped! They were on the show, The Sing Off, a couple of years ago and my in-laws loved watching them on there.

- A sweet co-worker gifted these to me this week for our Christmas tree! One for buying our house this year and one for bringing Reagan home this year. So sweet!! 

Check back on Monday, I'l be sharing our 2016 Christmas cards! I hope you all have a great weekend! :) 


  1. Those pictures of Reagan are just too precious. She is adorable!!! Congrats to Matthew on the job news - good news on the job front is always exciting!

  2. Sounds like y'all are going to have a great weekend! Congrats to Matthew - have fun celebrating :) Reagan looks so adorable next to the tree! Love your new ornaments - so sweet of your co-worker

  3. The pictures of Reagan in front of the tree/in the basket are adorable!


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