Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Friday night we went to dinner at a local favorite and enjoyed a delicious dinner! I think every time we have gone to dinner there they have seated us in the same exact spot...kinda funny. After dinner we decided to just head back home and play with our girl and turn the fire on. I saw on Pinterest where you can take a baby onesie and turn it into a dog shirt...y'all know I was all on that! So I tried it after dinner and it turned out adorable. We could not stop laughing at how cute she looked.

Saturday started out really early with Reagan waking us up a little before 5:00am...needless to say, girl doesn't care if it's the weekend and you can sleep in, she wanted to play! So downstairs we went so she could play/eat. I thought it would be a good time to watch the rest of the Gilmore Girls revival since I had only watched the first episode at this point. Around 4 1/2 hours later I finished the final three episodes and was an emotional wreck lol, but my thoughts on that are for another post!

We finally got to moving after watching Gilmore Girls and got ready for the day. We headed to town to sell a couple of things and then grabbed a quick lunch while we were out, and made a quick(ish) trip to Target. We found a really good deal on ornaments for our 12ft tree while we were there so we jumped on it and bought a ton of beautiful ornaments. Saturday afternoon our best friends, Ethan and Rachel came over and we all hung out for the afternoon until it was time for our Christmas party with our church group. Ethan and Rachel hung out at our house to keep Reagan company while we were gone lol. I made the cookie pie I had mentioned on Friday and it turned out really good! So I plan on making that again really soon. The Christmas party was a lot of fun we ate a lot of good food and played dirty Santa with everyone. One really funny thing that happened.....for some reason we thought it was a $10 gag gift for dirty Santa, but turns out it was just a $10 limit on a gift. So you can imagine the shock Matthew and I felt when the first couple of gifts that were opened were CUTE and NICE gifts and not gag #lessonlearned. Thankfully there were a couple of funny gifts in there but nothing compared to our My Little Pony sticker book and Army toys ;)

After the Christmas party we grabbed dinner with Ethan and Rachel and then came back to the house and called it a night. Sunday we all went to church and then met my in-laws for lunch after. We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and then to the Home Free concert for my FIL's birthday! The concert was fantastic and I am hoping they make it to Nashville next year so we can go again. I have been listening to their Christmas playlist on Spotify all week. My BIL and his girlfriend couldn't make it so Ethan and Rachel took their tickets and came with us. 

We went to Demo's for dinner Sunday night (our absolute favorite!!) and then came home and we all started decorating our big tree. Sadly we ran out of ribbon, two big rolls was still not enough lol so I had to order some more. Once I get that on there I'll share a picture, but for now here is a peak at it from when we were decorating! I absolutely love it. 

It was a great weekend and I am wishing time would slow down a bit, at least for this month! I wish Christmas decorations could stay up longer lol. I just love them. I am hoping to share all of our decorations next week with a Christmas home tour just as soon as I can get some good pictures.


  1. I definitely agree that this time of year just needs to slow the heck down. I cannot wait to see your Christmas decorations!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! This Christmas season is definitely going by wayyyy too fast!! Can't wait to see the tree :)

  3. Sounds like y'all had an amazing weekend!!! Lol at getting gag gifts... isn't that what dirty Santa is, gag gifts? lol Can't wait to see your full tree. Gah, I agree! December needs to slow down, but I have to admit, I'm excited to do our Christmas next Thursday because I want Stephen to get his surprise gifts lol

  4. Reagan is soooo cute! I like your Christmas tree.

  5. OMG Reagan looks so stinkin' cute! I love it! I need to hear your thoughts on Gilmore Girls! I'm still unsure on how I totally feel about everything haha

    I wish December did last longer. I love everything about the month! Your tree looks good! I'm hoping to post a christmas decoration post too next week if I get some decent pictures.


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