Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I am finally getting around to sharing our Christmas home tour! This is our first Christmas in our new home and I have had a lot of fun decorating it and deciding on how to decorate most parts of our home.

We'll start in the entryway...our big Christmas decor purchase this was on sale and we just couldn't pass it up! We absolutely LOVE it! Last year at this time we were going through the house inspection, final walk through, etc. and each time we went in our home we kept saying how beautiful a 12ft tree would look there...actually it was all Matthew's idea. It was literally the first thing he said when we walked in the front door for the first time....that man, I just love him!
and the night time view
y'all know I love my Christmas plaid ;)

We also wrapped the stairway with pre-lit garland. I decided to keep it simple this year with the stairway, and just add the garland, but there are a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest for that, that I might try next year. Reagan can go up the stairs but she hasn't figured how to go down them, so I was able to snap this quick picture when I first decorated the stairs!

Here is the view from upstairs. You can see our smaller tree in Matthew's study. It's our 6ft tree that we used in our apartment last year and I love seeing that each time I pull into our driveway!

We moved our entryway table into Matthew's study for the time being since so I decided to put two small trees on the top shelf and then the small candle holders. The trees are from 
Michael's and the small candle holders are from Wal-Mart!

The side table in our dining room houses our Christmas village that my mema handed down to me this year. I didn't get any pictures of it at night, lit up, but here are some pictures of it.

I love it lit up at night!

Next up is our living room...we found our 7 1/2ft tree for a great deal on Amazon and I was thrilled!
This tree holds all of our meaningful ornaments. The ones we have picked out for special occasions over the past couple of years and the ones we have been gifted. I love being able to see them while we watch tv or sit by the fire.

Our mantel is basically setup how it was last year and we just still love it that way. 
We did get new stockings this year and we both LOVE them, and of course, Reagan had to have one ;) and it matches ours...woo hoo! I have been searching everywhere for a simple red knit sweater stocking that we could have our names added to and kept coming up empty. I knew Kohl's had the red sweater knit stockings but they all had a letter on them. Well I finally looked into them and realized you could get one without a letter on it...and they were half off! I ordered them and Matthew picked them up on his way home from work a couple of days later and we had our friend at church put our names on them. Reagan's stocking is from PetSmart and it already had the paw print on it. 

I have been eyeing these for over a year and saw them on sale last week when I popped in Kirklands to pick up a gift and had to grab them. My best friend has them and I fell in love with them when I first saw hers. There is a gold set that I am hoping to get soon.
Our stocking holders that we found at Target last year, we still love them!

These were made on my iPhone, but I draped the Christmas blankets over our couches in the living room to add a little pop of color. I love these blankets and got them a few years ago at Old Navy. I did this last year in our apartment and even did it in my apartment in Cookeville. 

Our kitchen table is the same setup from last year...and I still love it just as much. Again with the Christmas plaid. I just can't get enough!! I added some pine cones to my favorite milk glass dish and love the way they smell.

Our kitchen has a few touches of Christmas as well! I changed out our fall flowers to some red berrie twigs I found at Michael's and some Christmas greenery.  There is a snow globe with a wedding cake and the year "2015" on it in the background on the window sill that my mom gifted us last year for our wedding year, and there is a green lantern from Target right up under it that lights up at night, and then there are my Christmas towels on the oven door...more Christmas plaid ;)
 These two Christmas pieces are from Target's dollar section. I love them and they fit perfectly on our kitchen counter. 
 Reagan especially loves her treat jar!
And here is our Christmas card display. This is how I displayed our Christmas cards last year in our apartment and it worked out so well with the space we did it in, but this year I haven't been too thrilled with our card display, but just made it work because I didn't really have a whole lot of time to decide on how I want to display them. I'll work on that next year! 

Upstairs in our room there is a very small tree that I have had in my bedroom since I was in first grade, so it just kinda has to go in our bedroom every year :) and in our coastal themed guest bedroom I put some silver and blue ornaments in our lamps and I found that little tree at Wal-Mart and just knew we needed it for our coastal room! That's about it for upstairs this year. 

The only outside decor that we put up is a wreath on our front door, and I made a bow for it with some leftover ribbon from our 12ft tree. I also bought two big gorgeous poinsettias and put in our black planters but this past Saturday night the strong winds and then the ice absolutely destroyed them..and my my bow. Destroyed them as in half of the stems were laying on our door step when we walked out Sunday morning. So no pictures of that lol it's pretty sad!I did put my 'Joy' sign out that my dad made me a couple of years ago, so at least there is that! 


  1. I seriously love all of your Christmas decorations!! So beautiful! Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home!!!

  2. Everything looks beautiful!! You did such a great job decorating! Especially love the giant tree by the stairs!

  3. Oh wow, it looks fantastic! I love all your trees - that's so cool. I really love Kirkland's too - my moms is pretty addicted as well. hah She loves getting rustic/country looking things for the house.


  4. Your entry way is my favorite! Especially the garland on your banisters!

  5. Such pretty and festive decor. I especially like the tree.


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