Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I love planners, I love shopping for them, doing research on them, and finally deciding on which one I want for the upcoming year. For about 3 years I used Emily Ley's Simplified planner and LOVED it. It was so perfect for me during those three years, but now it just doesn't really fit my needs. My job doesn't have the same schedule every day, actually every day is something completely different so the hour-by-hour page just really wasn't working for me anymore. My company actually provides us all with planners, so I have a planner just for work. So back in September when I saw where Blair designed and printed her own planner I got motivated to design and create my own planner as well. I pretty much just took Blair's design (because, hello, it's cute!) and then edited a few things to fit my life and personal wants.

I used Canva to create my planner, I mentioned a few months ago how much I was loving Canva and even had a few of you comment on how much you loved it as well. So if you haven't check it out yet, do it asap. There are so many neat things to do on there!

 I wanted a page dedicated to my blog and our meal plans for the week, and I loved how Blair included a section for a daily cleaning routine via Clean Mama. I also wanted a monthly layout as well as a weekly layout, so I kept playing around until I found the layout that I desired.

For each week of the month there is weekly view like this on the left side...

and on the right side is my cleaning, blog, and meal planner

I had my planner printed through Office Depot. Like Blair, I selected the spiral bound notebook, printed on 65lb cardstock, and I added a clear front cover with cream linen back cover. I love the way it looks and use it daily. Creating my own planner was actually really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.


  1. I love how you have this organized! I like the planners that go by hours but I don't need it while working because I just use outlook - I'd like to get one once I quit work though! You made such a fun planner :)

  2. Love this - it turned out so well! I might have to steal this for next year - so many options when you make your own!

  3. So cute!! I may give it a go with making my own planner next year! Yours is so perfect and the idea of personalizing it for your needs seems like an awesome way to go!


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