Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I love cooking for others, for a dinner at our home, and I love cooking for others, for a dinner in their home. Have you ever had the opportunity to take family or friends dinner? Maybe they are going through a tough time, they are new parents, or new neighbors just moved in next door, etc. Whatever the reason is, there is always something going on in life that requires a meal, and a good one at that!

One of my favorite things to make for these kinds of situations is lasagna. Maybe not everyone likes lasagna as much as we do, but I like to assume they do. 

Lasagna, the easiest meal to make, and it freezes well! The two families that I made dinner for recently were small, so if you are making dinner for a larger family then I would recommend making larger portions. I bought these, aluminum to-go containers at Dollar Tree and they come in packs of three.

You know what's even better than lasagna? Lasagna that you didn't even have to cook yourself and is delivered right to your doorstep...I like to make each family two lasagnas (one to eat that night and one to freeze for another time, they are good for up to 6 months) a box of garlic bread, salad + dressing, dessert, and if I have extra time I will make them breakfast! Breakfast casserole, breakfast burritos, or what I did recently, cinnamon rolls - all in disposable containers to keep it hassle free! 

 I also made recipe cards to label each item. That way if they have any questions about what's in the dish or need instructions to warm it they have it right there in front of them! Check out the recipe card printable below. I printed a lot off and keep them in my kitchen for anytime I need them!

You can find the Pioneer Woman's recipes here, and I will be sharing the lasagna recipe tomorrow!

Here is the recipe card that I designed for these and for future meals. You can right click and save on the picture below to save it to your computer for your own personal use.


  1. Love this!!! Such a sweet and thoughtful idea. Even better is the fact that you include the recipe card!!

  2. I love your recipe card! Lasagna is one of the easiest things to freeze and I love it!! Who doesn't love lasagna?! You are so good about taking food to people. I love to cook and do that but I just don't think about doing it often enough. I need to make a concentrated effort to do that more!

  3. I love this idea! I also love how adorable the recipe is. I will be using it in the future for sure :)

  4. Can I be your friend? ;-) This is so cute!

  5. How sweet! I love this and especially that you include the recipe card on top!

  6. Taking a dinner is one of my favorite things too! Love that you took it a step further with this thoughtful card.


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