Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Back in October my best friend and her husband bought their first house together. I was beyond thrilled for them because I how exciting that is! I wanted to do something special for them and searched high and low on Pinterest for a housewarming gift. Do I get them a frame or a cute decor piece? Or do I get them a nice candle or order something personalized on Etsy? None of those sparked any interest with me so I ultimately decided to make them a housewarming basket with a few small things for their first couple of days in their new home!

I bought a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket and then started looking for things to fill it! I thought back to when we moved in our new home, what did we need? Most of our belongings were still packed away and we were working during the day and coming home every night and unpacking all while trying to cook, do laundry and clean. That's a lot to handle at one time, so I wanted to fill it with things that would help. So here is what we got to fill their bucket with:

- Water bottles
- Grocery sacks
- Clorox wipes
- Mr. Clean magic erasers
- Paper towels
- Plastic cups
- Paper plates
- Plastic cutlery
- Wooden stirrers (for when they painted)
- Candle

I put water bottles in the bottom of the bucket and then loaded the bucket with tons of left over grocery sacks. They can have the water bottles for on the go and they can use the grocery sacks as a small trash bag for a few small things, when needed. This also helped fill the bucket since it's so deep. We chose the Home Depot bucket so that they can reuse it again for any outside/garage needs in the future. All of the items in the bucket are items we used the first couple of weeks after we moved into our house. So I hoped that they would be items that they could use to help lighten the craziness of moving/unpacking! Of course, everyone needs a candle and I knew her favorite was vanilla, so that was a fun treat to add in there. Candles always make a house feel homey.


  1. Such a great idea! I love that all the items are useful, and like you said - a candle just makes a place seem homey-er.

  2. What a great idea! I bet they really appreciated it :)

  3. SUCH a perfect housewarming gift! My in-laws brought over paper cups/plates/napkins when we bought our house and it was so nice having those on hand for quick meals and easy clean-up :)

  4. What an AWESOME idea!!! All of those things are such a pain to pay money for too! Great suggestion!


  5. We had a friend do this for us when we bought our first house! She filled a bucket with all sorts of cleaning supplies - it was such a great gift. I love that yours includes some cups/plates/silverware since those are all definitely useful in those first few days.

  6. This is a great idea! One of our favorite housewarming gifts was a 3 month supply of toilet paper (so nice!) haha :)

  7. Such a fun idea!! :) We haven't bought a house yet but those items sound PERFECT!


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