Monday, January 23, 2017


Let's back up to Thursday night! Our shelf ladder that I mentioned on Friday delivered last week and I was a little too eager to get it up. So I decided to do it myself, since Matthew was still out of town. After I pulled alllll the pieces, screws, shelves, and instructions, etc. out I was regretting it a little but was still determined to put it together that night so I could surprise Matthew when he got home with it lol. Well, after a couple of hours, facetiming my dad three times, screwing the shelves on backwards (oh yes, that happened), maybe a couple of frustrated tears, and a grilled cheese/Gilmore Girls break I had it all together...with the help of Reagan lol. She kept trying to lay in my lap and in the area I was trying to work. She is way too cute to get mad at!
and here it is!! I'm so excited to start styling it!

Friday Matthew got home from Knoxville all week and we started the weekend off with a dinner date and lots of cuddles with our girl.

Saturday Matthew had to go into the office pretty early and Reagan wasn't ready to get up yet so of course, she needed me to lay with her for awhile ;) I kid you not, this is how she slept for a good half hour lol sorry for the blurry picture!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it was really nice out. Saturday it was sunny all day (finally!!) and 70! I wasn't the only one loving it...

Saturday afternoon I got started on our closet clean out and again, had a helper!

I took every single item out of our closet, went through everything, vacuumed, and then eventually started adding things back. We have two big bags that were donating and a bag of clothes for our siblings to go through. It felt so good to get rid of a lot and to have everything organized! 

I took a break from working on our closet because it was date night! We decided to go to dinner and a movie. We saw Patriots Day, it was a good but very emotional movie. I remember watching so much coverage of the Boston bombing back in 2013, and it was just as emotional. I love dating my handsome husband!!

Sunday consisted of church, naps, watching Gilmore Girls and getting ready for the week! I finished up a little more Valentine's Day decorations and I think I'm done. I found the cutest Valentines garden flag at Kirklands a couple of weeks ago and finally got it out this weekend!


  1. Don't you love when you get pretty & warm weather on the weekend?? Love your new ladder shelf!

  2. I heart Valentine's Day decorating! Can't wait for more closet progress - I love organizing posts!!

  3. I love closet clean outs! We LOVED Patriot's Day! It was super emotional but so good.

  4. Cleaning out closets just makes you feel so refreshed!!! And don't feel bad about screwing things on backwards - I totally did that exact same thing when putting my little bookshelf together in my apartment! I am glad to hear Patriot's Day was good. I really want to see that, even though I know it will be emotionally draining!

  5. Well the shelf looks great, grilled cheese and Gilmore Girls can pull you through anything. ;) Yay for sun, too. We had storms. Yuck.
    Have a great week!

  6. Your ladder shelf looks great!

    We organized our closet this weekend too! We made a trip to Walmart Sunday afternoon for a couple organizing things and then our bedroom was a complete disaster Sunday night. Ha! :).

    I do love the after view though!

  7. LOVE the shelf!! Definitely worth all the frustration! What a fun weekend - sorry Matthew worked during some of it. When I saw your closet snap, I thought that was so great! I am way too lazy to clean out our closet but I definitely need to clean out my office one... and the pantry... Your date night sounds great! Hope y'all have a great week :)

  8. Your closet looks awesome, I also love vacuum lines! Your little helper is adorable too :)


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