Thursday, January 19, 2017


We are over half way through January...woo hoo! Although, for January it has been pretty warm this past week and it looks like it's going to continue into next week, but we do live in Tennessee so just because it's warm this week doesn't mean it couldn't snow next week and shut everything down for the day lol.

This past Saturday Reagan had her first grooming appointment. It was very much needed and we can't get over how adorable she looks with her new cut!! They even put a bow in her hair...I about melted into the floor when I saw that, and if you think I'm crazy Matthew was already a puddle of mush in the floor. I'll be honest I was not a fan of dropping our girl off at the groomers for a few hours, but they assured me she would be fine. It did end up taking them FOUR hours because they were so busy, so I will definitely try to be the first appointment the next time she goes. After I dropped her off at the groomers Saturday morning I ran a few errands, and of course, I had to get her some new toys because I felt bad for leaving her at the groomers lol. She loved her new tennis balls and took a big nap when she got home. Getting groomed can stress a girl (and her mom) out!

My birthday present from Matthew this past year was a new purse that I picked out from Target. I absolutely love's the perfect size for me, I love the colors and feel like I can use it year around. While I was browsing in Wal-Mart this past weekend I saw the same purse hanging up in the purse section and I was floored! I have been noticing that Wal-Mart was stepping up their game with their clothes and jewelry but when I saw the same purse for about 40% cheaper than the one Matthew got me I couldn't believe it. There were a few small differences (a smaller zipper on the outside and smaller compartments inside), but nothing that would not make me want it. So all of this to say if you're looking for a cute purse and you don't want to spend a lot check Wal-Mart's purse section out. Also, if you don't already, then follow this Instagram account!

My sister got a new car the this week and wanted to take me for a ride in it so we decided to make a Jeni's run for some ice cream! It was so fun and of course, delicious!!
I got a scoop of the brambleberry crisp and juniper & lemon curd...YUM!

I've been eating fruit in the afternoon as a snack and yesterday I added a small grape juice and made this my dessert after lunch...I needed something sweet but didn't want to buy any chocolate or junk food out of the vending machine so grapes and grape juice it was!

I picked these veggie burgers and these sweet potato fries up the other day at the grocery store to try and I actually really liked both of them! I was very hesitant about both because I've tried sweet potato fries before and didn't like them, but these were really good. I asked about them on Snapchat and had a few people respond that they really liked them, and Ashley told me that there are spicy sweet potato fries, so I'll have to get those next time for Matthew to try! 

Reagan will let you know when she wants to play now and it's the cutest thing, ever. She jumped in my lap and stared at me with her toy in her mouth until I would play fetch with her lol. 

I stopped by Dollar Tree the other day to see what Valentine's Day goodies they have and found these heart shaped doilies and thought they would make a cute banner for our mantel. Target's dollar section had a few options for a Valentine's Day banner, but I just didn't love any of them so when these doilies caught my eye I scooped them up. So many come in a pack that I had some left over, so I decided to do a simple Valentine's Day tablescape with them as well. Using what I had already and then adding these. I liked how it turned out and will share soon!

And one last picture of our girl because she is just the sweetest puppy!

Happy Friday Eve!!


  1. Reagan is adorable! I love the pink bow!

    I've yet to try veggie burgers, i'm a bit skeptical. However, sweet potato fries are one of my favorites! I say that because I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes any other way.

  2. Reagan looks so adorable with her little bow! So glad her first grooming appt went well! Looks like y'all have been up to some fun stuff lately! Thanks for the sweet potato fry shout out! I've gotten to where I love eating them with a bun-less turkey burger (although, the bun would make it so much better ;))

  3. How are veggie burgers? I have never tried one before! And sweet potato fries have definitely grown on me. THey are super good dipped in BBQ sauce, too!

  4. The bow!! So cute. I cry leaving Cooper at the groomers haha. Fur children really own our heart.

    Did you enjoy the burger? Jordan and I are both vegetarians 😉

  5. I have that bag from Target!! I use it as my work bag that I carry my planner, notes, pens, etc. in and I LOVE IT!! Also, sweet potato fries are my fave! The frozen ones are good but if you make them yourself they taste so much better!! Also try cubing them up with olive oil and seasoning and bake in the oven. Perfect side and they warm up well for leftovers for lunch!


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