Friday, January 20, 2017


As I mentioned on my Instagram post this morning, it has been a gloomy few days here in Nashville, and we got over an inch of rain yesterday, so I am more than happy to see the sun out today!  And it's supposed to be 67 today...YES! Even better than that, Matthew is coming home today from a  business trip all week, YAY!! Reagan and I are so excited to see him this afternoon.

We ordered this ladder shelf for our living room and it delivered this week. I am so excited to start decorating it and putting a few things on it over the weekend. Once we took our Christmas tree down the empty corner in our living room was KILLING me, so hopefully this ladder will do the trick!

There are tons of organizing challenges to participate in, but I don't want to join one and then not be able to complete it due to lack of time or not wanting to organize that particular part of our house at the scheduled time. I've read a bunch of different ones, and really like them, but I have made my own that I'm pretty excited about! I started last weekend with our kitchen pantry and this weekend I plan on tackling our master closet and possibly the linen closet, depending on time. 

I've already decorated for Valentine's Day, but I think I want to do this soon for our kitchen! We already have that white porcelain pitcher from Target, so I just need some small branches out of our backyard lol.

I have been wanting a new chalkboard for our kitchen but could not find any that didn't cost an arm and a leg. We thought about making one, but I still had hope of finding one for a decent price. When I ran into Home Goods last weekend I spotted one for half the price as another one I found at Hobby Lobby, so I scooped that bad boy up and happily checked out. I've been looking for chalk art ideas for Valentine's Day on Pinterest and found a few that like. I started it last night and I'm hoping to finish it tonight! I can't wait to change it out for the seasons and different events we host.

Happy Friday!!


  1. I like the idea of an organizing challenge, but like you I would hate to start something and not finish! Love your pinterest inspiration for valentine's day...that is super cute!

  2. I love the ladder shelves, I want to get one eventually too! Happy Friday :)

  3. Go you for already having Valentine's Day decorations up! Can't wait to see how your heart branches turn out :)

  4. Love your new ladder shelf and chalk board!! They will (and do) look great!! Yay for Matthew coming home - hope y'all have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. I love your ladder shelf! I've seen them decorated on Pinterest quite a few ways, and think they are super cute!

    Happy Friday & have a great weekend!

  6. Great list! Love it all. The ladder and chalkboard are terrific! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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