Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I love traveling, and oddly enough, I love packing. Matthew loves that I love packing (lol) and usually leaves the packing up to me. I'll ask him what outfits he wants me to pack and then add that to my packing list on my phone. Whether it be a weekend trip or week long trip, I always try to make a packing list to help keep me organized and so I don't forget anything. Usually that list is on my phone and while it's handy to have on my phone I really like being able to write things out and physically cross them off. Same way with my daily lists that I make (#OCDforever). So I created this packing list for when we go on trips and wanted to share with you all! It's for a 7 day trip, but if our trip is shorter (which it usually is) then I just use the amount of days that is needed for that trip. Once I have our bags packed then I lay this on top of our clothes, for reference when we get to our destination, and zip everything up and we're ready to go!

Special note: This is for one person. I use one of these for me and one of these for Matthew. Also, now that we have a sweet puppy I have a packing list for her as well that I'll be sharing soon. There is nothing worse than getting somewhere and realizing you forgot your dog's favorite treats. ;)

I also recently bought these travel bottles that I am pretty excited about using on our next trip. 
They may or may not already be labeled...

Do you create a packing list when you go on trips?


  1. I love this - your list is a great idea! For big trips, I like to make a list to verify that I have everything (and yes, I need to physically cross it off a list lol!) I'm sure Stephen loves that I pack for him... if it were up to him, he'd pack 1 pair of underwear and a bunch of t-shirts for a whole week lol

  2. Oh wow! How perfect is this list?! I'm headed to Miami in several weeks, so I'll be sure to print and use yours! I've always made lists but it's always on a piece of notebook paper and not organized in any way! Thanks, girl!


  3. This is awesome! I always think these questions to myself when packing, but it would be really nice to have in writing!

  4. I love making packing lists! I think it adds to the excitement of the trip!!

  5. I do love packing! I should use this for my next trip since I always over pack but honestly I think I will always over pack haha!

  6. What a great idea! I always get overwhelmed by packing and just throw things in a bag and hope for the best!! Haha

  7. Yes! I love lists! I have a list as a Google Doc that I always go back to, to double check for big trips. Each time though I find myself creating a new list because I'm afraid I will forget something.

  8. I love having a standard packing list. It makes even overnight trips easy!

  9. Considering I've worn glasses since the age of seven and contacts since age 12, I constantly forget my glasses or contact stuff. I've had to add them to my normal packing lists, haha.


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