Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Our powder room is on our list of things to take care of in 2017, and although I don't think it will be a hard project, I do think it will take a little time to get it the way we want it.

Right now there is wall paper in there. It's a tan/cream with palm trees on it. It's definitely not our style, and doesn't really match the rest of the home. 

Actually some of the wallpaper had started peeling up a little (I guess from being there over some time) and I thought it was going to come off easily like our kitchen wallpaper, but it didn't. It looks like it's going to be really hard to get off, and honestly, I just don't want to peel/scrape off anymore wallpaper. So I have been looking at new wallpaper options. I actually really LOVE small powder rooms with wallpaper (only if it's cute wallpaper). It's kinda like a surprise when you open the door lol. 

I love the clean and simple look of wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall and then wallpaper on the top half. I think the white just really help to brighten up a small space. Here are some ideas of what I'm thinking...

Not really diggin' the lights, but I love the wallpaper. A beautiful mix of neutrals in a small place, it's perfect.

I love the wainscoting in this one, and that wallpaper is adorable.

Our powder room isn't quite big enough for this, but again, I love the wallpaper. I also think it would be fun to find a cute/unique mirror for above our pedestal sink. 

 I haven't really put in a whole lot of research on wallpapers yet, but here are a couple that I have found that I love...
I think this one would look gorgeous with the white wainscoting at the bottom. 

I'm also kinda obsessed with this one

I know there area ton of wallpaper options out there to choose from and that's exciting to think about. If you have purchased wallpaper recently, please share where, you know I'm always looking for the best deal! ;)

All powder room ideas can be found on my Pinterest :)


  1. I love those wallpaper options! I use to hate wallpaper but I really feel like it's making a come back and I love the classic patterns. Happy Tuesday :)

  2. Love your inspiration pictures - that look is so classic and like you said - wallpaper in a small room like that is such a fun surprise!

  3. Ughh I LOVE your inspiration pictures!! They're so pretty, especially with the wainscoting! I would really like to do wainscoting and wallpaper in our nursery one day - it's really the only room we can get away with it lol Can't wait to hear what y'all do and how the process is!

  4. Great inspiration photos! I love the neutral wallpaper! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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