Friday, February 10, 2017


Our week started out great, I met Emily Ley (more on that next week!) on Monday night at her book signing here in Nashville and then by Wednesday Matthew and I had caught an awful cold kept us both home on Wednesday. We are slowly on the mend and getting over the achiness and not being able to breathe through our noses....slowly. 

While I was stuck in the bed all day Wednesday sneezing my head off I looked through plenty of boutiques online and can I just say that I am LOVING all things floral for spring and summer?!
Seriously, I need this dress for Easter....and apparently so does everyone else, it is sold out EVERYWHERE. Someone help a girl out, where can I find this dress??

Red Dress Boutique previewed some of their spring line on their insta story the other day and let's just say the heart eyes continued.

Speaking of it acceptable to wear your favorite (white) dress out on a date night....asking for a friend...

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Loving that floral print on the off the shoulder dress!!!

  2. Hope you both feel better soon!! Can we talk about how jealous I am that you met Emily Ley? Love her! Don't you wish we could wear our wedding dresses again?! I tell Jared all the time that one day he's going to come home to me wearing mine around the house for fun.

  3. Try Pink Elephant Boutique on FB..(if you haven't already). She also has a storefront here in Cookeville. She posted that dress again on Saturday and people were still commenting on it to order as of yesterday. I didn't read through all the comments to see if she had posted again, but it appears as if she's still taking orders. Hope you get it - it's gorgeous!

  4. The first dress is so pretty! Have you looked on They always have a great selection of floral dresses!

  5. I would check ASOS and Amazon for that dress. They have a really large selection of brands.

  6. oh man! I'm sorry to hear y'all both got colds - I hope you're feeling better! That dress is so pretty - I'll keep my eyes out :) I hope you have a better weekend!

  7. I got another cold/sore throat this week and now I hope the sickies are gone for the rest of the year!

  8. I was shopping this weekend and was loving the summery florals too! So pretty!


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