Monday, February 6, 2017


Matthew's flight got in Friday around 8 and he made it home a little after 9. He arrived home to the cutest little house guest who was staying with us for the weekend! Our best friend Ethan and Rachel were in for the weekend and they brought Ethan's little nephew, Carson, with them. He was so excited for Matthew to get home that when we heard Matthew pull up we were all at the door waiting for him Friday night lol. Carson wanted to do circle time after Matthew got home so circle time it was before his bedtime!

Saturday morning Matthew had to go to work for half of the day and Rachel was shopping with her mom so Carson, Ethan and I hung out at the house until Matthew got off. We watched Star Wars, Carson did a cooking class for us, and I cleaned out/organized our kitchen cabinets. Here is a before, during and after of our cabinets...
 Moving right along on my organization challenge for 2017...
master closet cleaned out and organized...done
chest of drawers and dresser cleaned out and organized...done
master bathroom cabinets cleaned out and organized...done

And Carson's cooking class, it was very entertaining and the cutie loved telling us what all he was cooking. He called the colander a "fish bowl with polka dots" and I about melted into a puddle on the floor. He was just the sweetest/funniest little dude!

After Matthew got home we all ran out and picked up some pizza for lunch. After lunch it was time for Carson's nap so Ethan put him down for his nap upstairs. Carson requested to sleep on the floor because he sleeps on a cot at preschool lol. So we put down extra pillows and blankets for him! I checked on him at one point and sweet boy was OUT! When Matthew checked on him one time he had his arms up over his head and was still snoozin' away. 

While Carson napped Matthew and Ethan played some Xbox and I decided to do a little DIY project since the weather was somewhat decent out. When we lived in our apartment we bought this entryway organizer and loved it. We would drop our keys/wallet off on our way in the door and never had to question where they were when it was time to leave. When we moved into our home we made sure to bring it with us, because it was still in perfect shape, but we didn't know where we wanted it in our home. We finally decided to hang it up in our hallway by the garage door, but I just wasn't a fan of that dark brown anymore. I thought white would look better on walls and in that hallway, so I picked up a can of white spray paint and finally painted it this weekend. I am pretty pleased with the finished project and can't wait to get it hung up soon, we forgot to pick up wall hooks while we were out this weekend. Here are the before and afters...
It came with a white board but I took it out while I spray painted it. I think I'm going to paint the white board with chalkboard paint because the white board doesn't go well with the white that we spray painted it. 

My BIL, Andrew, and his girlfriend, Christina, came over Saturday afternoon to spend the rest of the weekend with us, too! If you saw my Insta story then you saw plenty of videos of Reagan and Darcy playing together. They had the best weekend together playing. Reagan slept so well Saturday night and after they left Sunday afternoon she took the longest nap. All that playing with her cousin, Darcy, can wear a girl out!

After Carson's nap we made Valentine's Day cookies. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of them because he was so excited/proud of his cookies that he made! We bagged them up for him to take home to his mom and dad. We headed out to dinner soon after that and we were going to try a new burger place that opened up in town but it was incredibly packed so we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings! Once we got home we had time to play a little more with toys before it was Carson's bedtime. After Rachel put him to bed we decided to play Mexican Train. I had never played it before and really loved it. We are pumped to play again when everyone comes back over.

Sunday we went to church with everyone and then to Amerigo's (Matthew's favorite!) for lunch. We had a great weekend with everyone and had the best time with our buddy, Carson!


  1. It sounds like you had such a great weekend. You are really killing it with the organization so far - your cabinets look awesome!

  2. This sounds like such a fun weekend!! Carson sounds like a really fun house guest! I like the idea of a chalkboard in your organizer.

  3. So much fun! Carson is a cutie! Love his cooking show playtime, so sweet :) Come organize my house next, please?? Haha!!

  4. That after photo from your cupboard just made me feel calm. Organization for the win

  5. What a fun weekend!! So neat y'all host so many people :) Love your organizational hanger makeover - looks so good now and that's so fun Carson was there for the weekend too!

  6. I LOVE newly organized cupboards, cabinets, etc.!


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